Performance Testing

Having worked with 30+ universities predominantly within the UK, we possess a keen understanding of the annual application and enrolment cycles.

All too often, universities focus on testing if new systems are functional without giving attention to understanding if a new website, mobile app or student records system can support the anticipated number of users. This is especially important during certain times of the academic year, when the student population and internal staff are accessing university systems en masse, such as Clearing, Enrolment, and Results.

Our experience

Over the years, we have run performance tests to prepare for:

  • Initial Applications
  • Offer Management
  • Clearing
  • Student Enrolment
  • Student Record
  • Student Finance
  • Accommodation
  • Module Registration
  • Room Booking
  • Online Results
  • HR Onboarding

Using the Cloud, we generate meaningful load to simulate these key periods, so that issues can be identified in advance and IT departments can be confident that their applications will meet the needs of students and faculty members. 

We've completed performance testing engagements at a number of UK institutions, including:

Case study

  • Performance testing of an updated accommodation booking system
  • Load and soak tests carried out remotely using Apache JMeter and cloud injectors, via AWS
  • Test results prompted software vendor to develop and release a patch, which solved the performance issues from the year prior

Our process

A typical performance test can take up to a few weeks to carry out. The first stage involves requirement gathering, production of test plans, script design and test data creation. Tests are then executed to simulate anticipated and peak usage, before detailed analytics and reports identifying bottlenecks are generated. The system is eventually re-tested to make sure that the necessary changes have been implemented.

We are able to provide such a swift service thanks to our dedicated performance testing team, who operate within the UK and offshore. Our use of offshore affords us significant cost savings and efficiencies, enabling delivery of a first-class solution on-time and within budget.

Our tools

In terms of tools, we most often use Apache JMeter for cloud-based performance testing, with integration to Grafana for live metrics, and Power BI for detailed reporting. We also have a deep understanding of open-source technologies, and unlike larger competitors, operate without strict ties to any particular testing tool provider. This gives us the flexibility to create bespoke testing strategies where appropriate.

Telephony Testing Solution

As part of the services we offer within Performance Testing, we also look into Telephony Testing.  An increase in the call volume would mean that it is crucial to have a telecoms infrastructure in place that will meet the right requirements; Telephony Testing can be an extremely integral solution.

Using specialist infrastructure, we are able to generate large call volumes into an IVR system, selecting the relevant options and accurately simulating calls.  When issues are identified within the telephony provider, these can be fixed, and the tests re-run on demand until there is complete confidence that the expected levels of traffic can be accommodated. Sound planning, agility and adaptability in telephony testing can help in ensuring a seamless transition. 

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