Data Migration Services

At Prolifics Testing, we minimise downtime so you can continue operating as usual. We accomplish this through our deep knowledge of Extract, Transform, Load testing (ETL), test automation and data handling, resulting in the provision of near-real-time to real-time information, allowing you to make quicker and more informed business decisions.

Our approach

We have a team of data and ETL testing specialists that we can deploy to help with verification and validation of your next Data Migration. Whether you're migrating to a new Student Records System, back-end ERP system, or implementing a new Business Intelligence and Reporting solution, our team can assist with their deep knowledge of traditional ETL testing, test automation, and data handling validation.

Introducing Effecta

Using our free test automation accelerator, Effecta, our consultants are able to perform automated data validation from any source to any target system. Effecta automatically extracts data, executes tests and verifies test results by comparing them with expected results. It leverages automation to streamline testing, allowing large bodies of records across a range of file formats to be verified quickly and thoroughly. It even handles all of the necessary connection and extraction in an optimised fashion, saving you time.

Effecta also helps us with ETL testing, since it enables our consultants to easily manage the vast quantities of data generated during data transfer between warehouses. Effecta is used to map data types, catalogue transformations and validate output data, all at the push of a button.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about Effecta and how we can help you navigate your upcoming digital transformation, be sure to get in touch below.

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