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Most enterprises employ a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) or some form of Middleware or API platform, such as Mulesoft, IBM WebSphere, TIBCO, Oracle Fusion or SAP Process Integration to integrate their systems and provide more functionality.

However, they can represent a vulnerability in a business’s processes because they more easily enable the propagation of process errors and bad data.

Testing these integration implementations can be challenging. It’s needed every time an application changes, and the complexity increases with every additional application. As a result, our clients find integration testing much more complicated than the testing of any single application being integrated.

Business Assurance through SOA and Middleware Testing

Our SOA and Middleware Testing provides you with confidence that your integration solutions are meeting the business requirements by providing the right data to the right processes - and getting the right results. We ensure all business requirements are met and the SOA and Middleware infrastructure functions as intended.

Our approach combines component-level and system integration testing with our proven test framework and Test Automation with our Accelerators. We also introduce Testing Virtualisation to isolate individual components of the integration solutions, allowing us to validate each component thoroughly under strict conditions. This reduces testing complexity and cost significantly.

Test Automation

By automating key Business Assurance processes, we help improve the testing process’s speed, accuracy, and flexibility.

Test Automation can be defined and ready to run before the first iteration is tested. This helps to identify problems earlier when they can be corrected faster and at less expense than later in the development lifecycle. It also provides thorough validation of interfaces with respect to data transformation and mapping - crucial in any SOA integration environment.

Our Accelerators provide automated generation of test cases based on the business process logic of the SOA, API or Middleware implementation. They also automate test data extraction and creation, test execution, validation, and reporting. Doing so helps significantly reduce the manual, repetitive and labour-intensive efforts associated with regression testing – as well as the cost.

Performance Testing

Our consultants perform a suite of Performance Testing tests identify potential performance bottlenecks within the SOA and Middleware architecture and recommend steps to optimise performance and ensure scalability.

Industry Partnerships and Expertise

Through Prolifics, we're partners with Mulesoft and IBM, and have extensive experience testing APIs, SOA and Middleware platforms.

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