Functional Testing Services

Functional Testing is arguably the most important aspect of a good quality assurance process, since it ensures that the application in question does what it was designed to do.

Our functional testing services are focused on identifying defects in applications and business systems at all stages of the development lifecycle, providing our clients with confidence in the quality of the delivered code, as well as that the developed systems meet their requirements.

Functional testing can involve black box testing, streamlining the user interface, checking security, shoring up connectivity to APIs and databases, improving client/server communication, and several other functionalities.

Much of this testing is automated but can also be carried out manually for more in-depth results.

Why functional testing?

  • Improve Quality: Early testing helps remove defects and improve the user experience, whether prospects, customers or internal users.

  • Flexible Service: Our team act in partnership as an on-demand service, providing the benefits of a test team only when needed.

  • Reduced Risks: Identifies and addresses potential issues early in the development cycle, mitigating risks of post-launch problems and saving cost.

  • Product Development and Compliance: Make sure your product aligns with the specified requirements.

Many companies adopt Agile/DevOps models to optimise their speed and quality when delivering business value. Test automation plays a crucial role in those processes.


Our Functional Testing spans the following aspects:

  • System Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Error Conditions Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • White box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing


Our methodology is straightforward. We first need to understand the requirements. Then, based on those requirements, we identify test data. From there, we need to compute the expected outcomes with selected test input values, and then execute test cases. Finally, we compare the actual and computed expected results.

As for individual types of Functional Testing, our System Testing provides independent, on-demand verification of your software on the platforms, browsers, and devices your customers/employees will be using.

Similarly, User Acceptance Testing validates that a system works well for users concerning their needs, requirements, and business processes.

Functional Testing is frequently automated and makes use of our innovative Accelerators. For example, our specialised BA360 Accelerator was developed to accelerate the Manual Testing process with black box, white box, and exploratory testing techniques.

Our trained and experienced Functional Testing Consultants work with you and your users to help identify any problems. Our services are delivered through our team either on-site, off-site, or offshore, depending on your needs. Our experts will empower you with the confidence to embrace change fully.

Why Prolifics Testing?

  • Comprehensive Testing Expertise: Includes system, integration, unit, smoke, sanity, and user acceptance testing, among others.

  • Deep expertise in popular enterprise software applications – including SAP, Salesforce, CRM Dynamics, WorkDay and all major Student Management Systems for the HE Sector.

  • Adaptability to Methodologies: Compatible with Agile, DevOps, and traditional development frameworks.

  • Customised Approach: Tailors testing strategies to meet the specific needs and objectives of each project.

  • Expert Team: Experienced consultants who understand the nuances of functional testing across various domains.

Functional Testing

Couch to 5K Functional Testing - Public Health England

To support the physical testing of a new fitness app, we designed a matrix of tests across a range of platforms and supported devices

Active 10 Functional Testing - Public Health England

Getting physical with independent Functional Testing for a fitness app, including testing on multiple devices, often simultaneously

Testing on Demand - Public Health England

Providing on-demand, impartial Functional and device Compatibility Testing to give confidence in third-party-developed software

Race for Life Apps - Cancer Research UK

Our consultants acted as a quality gate, reviewing and checking a third party's development testing plans for a mobile app to promote and assist with the Race for Life campaign

Drupal Programme - Cancer Research UK

We delivered Functional Testing services in an Agile environment, which included the use of Behavioural Driven Development methods, to support an Open Source CMS development

User Acceptance Testing - Wates Living Space

After delivering a training course, we were asked to define the approach and strategy for User Acceptance Testing of a major system implementation to modernise an IT estate

Web Testing - Royal Museums Greenwich

An independent series of Functional and Browser Compatibility Tests of the new Royal Museums Greenwich responsive website

Reliable Testing Prepares ServiceNow For Worldwide Use

Implementing a a three-month Rapid Fix program for rigorous testing of a Service Management system for use by 1,200 groups around the world

Functional Testing for Arden University

Arden were implementing SITS Cloud in a phased approach, to replace their existing SMS, as well as functionality provided by a dated CRM application.

SITS Student Management System Implementation at Arden University

Arden are in the process of implementing SITS Cloud in a phased approach, to replace their existing SMS, as well as functionality provided by a legacy CRM application. Go-live is planned for later this year.

Salesforce Testing at VMware

Prolifics Testing facilitated VMware's shift from Siebel to Salesforce, optimising costs and performance through expert testing and innovative accelerators.

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