Couch to 5K is an app for Android and iOS that encourages users to get active and build up running distance to a 5k run, over a 9 week programme.

Pre-testing development

To support the testing of the app, a plan was documented that identified the key functional areas and items to be tested. Once approved, a series of test cases were developed to cover the functionality across a range of supported devices.

The version we tested was a complete rewrite of a previous version, which had attracted negative feedback. So, a key area of focus was to review feedback from the app stores and incorporate checks for these items into our tests.

There were four trainers to choose from, with different audio messaging on each run across the nine week programme. Integration with a range of mobile music services also needed to be included in the testing, as well as native Apple and Android, so we installed a broad range of streaming services on each device to be tested.


In order to balance test coverage with devices under test and music service, a matrix of tests was constructed against these factors, so that complete coverage of each trainer was being obtained, across the range of platforms in the most efficient way.

The nature of the app meant that physical devices were needed, which were tested by the team and results provided at the end of each cycle.

We worked closely with the PHE team and external agency delivering the software, re-testing defects as they were fixed and performing regression tests before launch or implementation of patches.

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