Software testing training delegates in a classroom

If you have a group of delegates to train, our onsite Training for Teams provides cost effectiveness and flexibility, with the ability to customise the courses for your needs.

Maximise your training budget

The pricing is based on a flat fee - the larger the group, the lower cost per head - so better value.

Our onsite courses also eliminate travel expenses, accommodation costs, and time out of the office. Without leaving the building, staff can focus on their training in a familiar environment. Experience shows this boosts both confidence and productivity, and is a great way to maximise the effectiveness of training.

Tailored content

When scheduling Training for Teams, you’ll benefit from courses tailored to meet both your educational and time frame requirements. You may want to give your team extra time to familiarise themselves with the syllabus and learn over an extended training period or go for a more intensive option. The choice is yours.

Similarly, we can tailor the content: we can provide role-play exercises, mock activities and tasks tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Bespoke content makes training highly relevant and unique to the needs of your testers. In turn, this creates a powerful learning environment.

Additional Benefits of Training for Teams

  • Get more than the course syllabus: Having an experience trainer enables a powerful dialogue where real-world project-related questions and issues can be deliberated, adding extra value to the training.
  • Get other teams involved: invite your development and/or Business Analysis team members to join the course
  • Master the tools in use at your organisation: want to utilise all the functions within your testing tools? We can deliver bespoke options that cater to the specific tools in use.

View the list of Training Courses we offer and contact us to enquire about Training for Teams.

Don’t see the exact course you want? Tell us your requirements and we may be able to design a course for you.

Always been impressed with the training provided by Prolifics Testing, who are more than just a course delivery organisation by being an active consultancy for software testing. Being active in the market place allows course content to be reality focused by experience and not just scenarios.

Test Analyst

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