e-testing is now prolifics testing
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e-testing website as Prolifics Testing
e-Testing is now Prolifics Testing!
Prolifics is excited to relaunch the
testing all aspects of your IT enviroment
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Ensure your IT environments maintain a high level of quality.
Test All Aspects of Your IT Environment
Be market resdy with performance testing
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Identify weaknesses and bottlenecks before getting in front of customers.
Be Market Ready with Performance Testing
get the best testing training
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Certified (ISTQB, iSQI) and non-certified training courses and testing tools.
Get the Best Testing Training with Prolifics
Be successful in your testing
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Be Successful in Your Testing with Prolifics
QA and Testing services that put your business IT through its paces.

Functional Testing

Vital to ensure that today's applications, websites and apps meet requirements, independent functional testing can make a huge difference to software quality. Our trained and experienced professional testers quickly return on investment.



Performance Testing

How can you be certain that your systems are ready for the market? Even the most advanced, user-friendly applications and platforms can fall prey to unexpected surges in demand. With today’s users so willing to pass on offerings that don’t meet their expectations, ensuring the high performance...

Training Courses

We are accrediated to deliver certified training courses for individuals and companies. These certifications are globally recognised and based on the international BCS ISTQB standards.Specialist software testing training courses, including certified (ISTQB, iSQI) and non-certified courses, as...


Prolifics offers a wide range of software testing consultancy services aimed at mitigating project risk and enabling rapid returns on investment. Software testing is a creative exercise that requires analytical skills, imagination and persistence to locate weaknesses.


Prolifics’ innovative Testing Accelerators save time and money!

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Helping organisations through testing for 40 years

Helping organisations through testing for 40 years

Our goal goes beyond simply deploying or maintaining solutions. We create custom recipes for success by implementing a development process that is understandable and repeatable, with support models backed by some of the best minds in the industry.

About Us

Our testing solutions help clients achieve their business goals

Prolifics' testing solutions, services, and consulting are focused on helping business accomplish their objectives by going to market faster, avoiding costly problems, and help them deliver quality IT services to their organisation.


Our testing solutions help clients achieve their business goals
Businesses succeed with our testing services and solutions

Businesses succeed with our testing services and solutions

Prolifics' has helped a wide variety of world-class clients successfully test their IT environments. From integration and mobile testing to performance and security testing, our experts have successfully delivered testing services across the digital technology space.

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