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Friday, 19 January 2024

As with many other industries, Generative AI (GenAI) is proving highly valuable in testing; speeding up day to day activities and providing enormous benefit to teams working in both testing and QA.  As a frontrunner in innovative testing solutions, Prolifics have developed a series of Mini Apps via our Innovation Centre, to demonstrate the transformative power of AI in this domain but more importantly, allow us to explore with our customers how a key set of use cases can be used as a base for prototype apps that can be customised to bespoke requirements and become an integral part of their testing activities.

We have developed the Prolifics ‘Art of the Possible GenAI Accelerator’ – run from a container, this accelerator allows our team to demonstrate each of the prototype apps we have for software testing.  Each can be tailored via settings and preferences; including specifying the connection to the customer’s choice of GenAI platform, including OpenAI, Bard, WatsonX or Bespoke etc.

The mini apps will be added to, as additional use cases emerge and the technology improves, for example generating test automation scripts.  The output of all of these apps can be tailored and adjusted using prompt engineering, to suit individual or company preferences. Our current set of testing apps includes the following:

SME Interview to Test Cases Generator

This app transforms interview transcripts into detailed test plans, taking output that could be transcribed manually, or even better automatically via MS Teams or similar. By analysing interviews of meeting transcripts, this app quickly identifies key testing requirements and compiles them into a structured test plan and test cases.

Extract Test Data Entities from Test Cases

Leveraging the output from the first app, this tool extracts critical test data entities. It uses zero shot prompting to generate a list of data entities, which can be fine-tuned for enhanced performance. This is useful in setting entry criteria for testing, especially when considering test cases to be used in test automation or performance, where specific data sets are required, potentially using Test Data Management tools to manipulate or create test data.

Redacting Test Data

A vital tool for data security, this app redacts sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII)  from documents or input data for testing, making them suitable for testing. This approach can be applied to a range of test data, ensuring compliance and privacy.

Ad Hoc Data Change Assistant

This app generates SQL commands for specified data changes, aiding in database manipulation for testing purposes. It can alter data attributes, for example product details or activity dates, and even prepare SQL for data backup before the start of testing.

Generate Candidate Data Quality Rule Specs

Upon receiving a table specification, this app suggests a set of data quality rules. These rules, when combined with a schema, can create an executable set of tests in Great Expectations (GX), providing a comprehensive quality report on database data.

Bulking up Sample Data

Ideal for performance testing, this app enlarges sample data by a factor of 10. It ensures the expanded data adheres to specified parameters, such as geographical locations or product categories.

Incident Root Cause Analyser

This tool analyses log files to identify the root cause of issues in production or post-testing. It correlates information from different logs to pinpoint issues, such as connectivity problems between servers.

Testing Centre of Excellence

This app provides structured access to an organisation's best testing practices and strategies. Testing Wiki pages, strategies and test plans can be used as input data for the model. The app then allows for a range of queries on the test process, procedures, documentation and company standards for testing. We also intend to expand this app so that details of past projects can be entered, along with estimates / actuals, resource needs, costs and lessons learned.  Clearly the data entered will need to be structured and accurate but we believe this app has great potential in improving the test process and enhancing the consistency of testing within organisations.


Prolifics' Mini Apps exemplify the potential of Generative AI in software testing. By automating and refining various aspects of the testing process, these tools promise to not only save time but also enhance the quality and reliability of software products. As we continue to embrace AI in testing, the future of software development looks more promising than ever. 

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Jonathan Binks - Head of Delivery
Prolifics Testing UK

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