Performance Testing White Paper

Our new Performance Testing resource.

Quality Fusion: Automating test design, data, execution and analytics

Read about our new Test Automation platform, which we created to be a single, open testing platform with built-in AI capabilities that users could start using ‘straight out of the box’ to automate web, desktop, mobile and API tests.

Test Automation PoC and ROI Business Case

Thinking about Test Automation, but not sure how to implement it? Or are you sceptical about achieving ROI in a reasonable timeframe? Prolifics Testing’s expert consultants are able to carry out a free Proof of Concept exercise on a variety of applications, and demonstrate how test automation can align with your existing CI / CD processes.

Lloyds Banking Group and Prolifics Testing

Read about the company's history with Lloyds Banking Group, and the services we offer.

Accessibility Testing White Paper

Our new Accessibility Testing resource.

BA360 - Automated Test Design & Business Assurance Tool

A next-generation automated test design tool.

Challenges And Proven Solutions For SAP Testing

We overcome testing obstacles to streamline your SAP integration.

Effecta Data Validation For SAP HANA

Migrate your legacy ETL architecture to SAP HANA and test effectively with Effecta, our next-generation validation tool.

Effecta, Test Automation Accelerator

A unique approach to end-to-end Test Automation and data validation.

Effecta Test Management & Automation Accelerator

Functional Test Automation and data validation from Effecta.

Establishing a Test Centre Of Excellence

A Test Centre of Excellence provides a centralised testing model that brings together people, processes, tools, domain knowledge and best practices, allowing you to optimise and control tests spread across different departments.

Manage Outsourcing Effectively With A Balanced Scorecard

How not to be among the 25% whose outsourced test projects fail.

Machine Learning For BA360

Our BA360 Accelerator now offers a powerful new Machine Learning capability that boosts testing to new heights.

Next Generation Testing With Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning tool brings new benefits to the table when it comes to solutions that involve complex scenarios, code coverage and the need for high quality.

Oracle E-Business Suite & Oracle Fusion Testing Overview

We offer a range of testing services for Oracle systems and migrations.

Performance Testing And Engineering Services

Ensure your critical applications can support your business.

Prolifics Acceleration Solution Suite

The Prolifics Acceleration Solution Suite (PASS) is an innovative approach to addressing enterprise system needs regarding project delivery, cloud readiness and maturity, and DevOps adoption.

Hyperautomation White Paper

Our new Hyperautomation resource.

Prolifics Testing Services Overview

Choose a trustworthy testing, consultancy, and training partner.

Smarter Benefit Enrolment Processing

Improving the efficiency and timeliness of the benefit enrolment processing.

SOA & Middleware Testing Services

Robust end-to-end testing for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Middleware integrations.

Software Testing Health Check

Improve the quality of software testing projects within your organisation

Test Automation Services

Ensure your Test Automation operates at its full potential

Web And Mobile Testing Services

Ensure the quality and usability of your websites and applications.

Wichita State University - Predictive Modelling for Student Retention

Case study of our work helping WSU be able to predict which students are most at risk of dropping out during COVID-19 using Predictive Analytics and Data Migration.