A university building and campus

The tertiary education sector is realising the benefits of the CIO role to supercharge their IT offerings, with transformation programmes (and investments) to match the calibre of leaders they’re hiring.

Like the corporate world, universities understand the importance of testing to ensure their systems perform flawlessly and interact perfectly with each when required.

We've worked with many universities on reducing their business risk and improving their performance of their IT systems for staff and students.

Testing Services for Universities

Making full use of our experience, we provide universities with:

Why choose Prolifics Testing?

We have the specific knowledge, experience, and skills required to effectively partner with universities.

We've worked with many universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland, specialising in Performance Testing services

We've built up a breadth of experience within the sector and understand the annual University cycle and systems in use.

With offshore testing capabilities, we can offer significant cost savings and efficiencies to deliver a first-class solution on-time and within budget.

We have a deep understanding of open-source testing technologies and, unlike larger competitors, we are independently owned and operated without strict ties to any one major testing tool provider, which gives us the flexibility to create bespoke testing strategies.

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