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Strategic QA Consultancy for Higher Education:

Prolifics Testing provides Strategic QA Consultancy to the higher education sector, covering investment, market positioning, technology, and cost management. We specialise in applications including Tribal SITS, Ellucian Banner, Oracle PeopleSoft, and SAP Student Lifecycle Management. Our ISO 9001 compliant, global team of over 500 experts offers flexible, cost-effective solutions, utilising industry-standard tools and proprietary test automation accelerators for robust software reliability and efficient knowledge management.

Developing a thorough strategy is imperative for the security, dependability, and reliability of your digital systems.  This is essential for enhancing student/staff experience, safeguarding confidential data, upholding privacy, and averting fraud and cyber threats.  Our Higher Education expert consultants are ready to collaborate with your QA teams to establish effective strategies that align with your plans for process improvement and digitalisation.

Cloud Migration

Prolifics Testing specialises in aiding universities with cloud migration. Our services range from migrating existing applications to the Cloud to comprehensive Cloud-native adaptations. We offer bespoke solutions; including developing Cloud test strategies, validating data, and ensuring system functionality and performance meet SLAs, while automated regression testing provides confidence while reducing costs.

Our successful collaboration with the University of Portsmouth demonstrates our capability in facilitating seamless cloud transitions, ensuring reliable, efficient cloud-based systems. Click on the link below to read the case study.

Expertise in Performance Testing for Effective Online Systems

Prolifics Testing boasts over 16 years of expertise in performance testing, especially for universities. We've excelled in testing Student Information Systems and Learning Management Systems, including Moodle. Our services ensure your online, cloud, or IVR/Telephony systems can support the expected user load, preventing response time issues for students and staff. We've partnered with 20 universities using our AWS Performance Test Cloud, using cost-effective open-source tools for fast, scalable solutions. Clients and vendors benefit from real-time metrics during tests to quickly spot performance issues. 

Cutting-Edge Test Automation Solutions

Test automation is vital for UK universities' digital transformation, ensuring reliable, efficient software for online learning, student management, and data analytics. It accelerates software delivery, minimises errors, and upholds user experience standards, improving teaching and administrative effectiveness. We offer modern test automation with Quality Fusion, an in-house, AI-driven, cloud-based tool. This platform quickens script development and maintenance through code-free technology, using Selenium WebDriver. It provides open format solutions, enabling clients to independently maintain automation assets, avoiding vendor lock-in and ongoing licence fees.

Comprehensive UX/UI and Accessibility Testing

With the shift towards online learning and digital resources, universities must ensure their digital platforms are user-friendly and accessible. Prolifics Testing offers comprehensive UX/UI testing and accessibility testing, ensuring applications are intuitive and meet accessibility standards, enhancing the user experience for all students and staff. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity with Penetration Testing Services

As reliance on digital systems increases, so do the risks of cyber threats and data breaches. Prolifics Testing can strengthen your university's IT systems' security posture through penetration testing services; identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive data. These services are conducted by consultants certified in CREST and CISSP, ensuring a thorough and expert evaluation to identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities.

Ethical and Sustainable Initiatives for Higher Education

Embracing sustainability is not just a moral imperative; it's a strategic necessity. Prolifics Testing and Experimentus have teamed up to offer our clients a sustainability scoring questionnaire and roadmap to improvement, allowing customers to measure the ESG impact of their operations, clearly see where the heat spots are and implement improvements to make them more efficient, while improving the test process. 

Prolifics Testing is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of digital transformation in the higher education sector. Our expertise in software testing, combined with our understanding of the unique challenges faced by universities, allows us to offer tailored solutions that enhance the digital experience for your students, staff, and stakeholders. 

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