Test Automation for Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability of Student Information Systems

Wednesday, 10 January 2024


In the Higher Education sector, like many industries, institutions depend heavily on IT applications to support their business. One of the most important applications, arguably the backbone of IT operations is the Student Records System. These applications are complex, custom designed for the sector and include complete functionality to run the business of a University – controlling not only student records, but the structure of the Academic Model, constituent elements of courses, syllabus details, financial records, exam results and specialist regulatory functions such as HESA returns. 

Problems with Traditional Testing 

The regularity and efficiency of testing Student Records Systems is crucial. These applications are not static; they require frequent updates and upgrades to keep pace with evolving educational requirements, as well as regular vendor updates and security patches. Regular testing ensures updates are implemented smoothly and effectively, minimising disruptions in academic and administrative processes. In an environment where digital infrastructure is increasingly central to educational operations, the risks in neglecting regular testing can be high, which can lead to system downtimes, data inaccuracies, and compromised user experience.  

Manual testing methods, traditionally relied upon, are increasingly proving inadequate and often rely on pulling users out of their day jobs to do testing. Manual testing is time-intensive and if not done correctly, can result in delayed deployments and increased operational costs. This highlights the need for a more streamlined, automated approach to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of these critical systems. Manual testing is also prone to human error, which increases the risk of deploying software with critical issues. This not only affects the reliability of systems but also the trust of students and staff who rely on them. In addition, manual methods can't easily scale to match the complexity and frequency of required updates, especially for systems undergoing cloud migration or other major changes. 


Prolifics addresses these challenges with modern test automation solutions. Our flagship platform developed in-house, Quality Fusion, is an AI-driven, cloud-based tool that significantly enhances testing efficiency. Quality Fusion significantly speeds up script development and maintenance using code free technology, based on an open-source Selenium WebDriver engine. This ensures that the solutions our team develop are handed over to our customers in an open format, allowing their teams to own and maintain the automation assets long term, without vendor lock in or software licence fees. 

Our solutions are not just about the technology; they also encompass a comprehensive service package. We provide experienced consultants to design tailored test strategies for our customers, for new implementations, upgrades and Cloud Migrations.  A good test strategy includes all test phases and clearly sets out responsibilities and success criteria for each one, to ensure the pyramid of tests is put together using best practice and optimal use of resources. 

Regression testing is a vital part of any test strategy and includes creating and maintaining automated test packs for on-demand execution, beneficial for new application upgrades and cloud migrations. Our hybrid delivery model, combining local oversight with global expertise, ensures the delivery of value at speed and with reduced cost. 


Prolifics Testing offers not just solutions, but a trusted partnership to navigate the complexities of digital transformation in education. Whether you're contemplating the implementation of test automation or seeking to enhance your existing strategies, our team is ready to assist. Let's work together to streamline your testing processes, reduce operational burdens, and focus on your core mission of education and innovation. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion and discover how we can support your journey towards efficient and effective test automation. 

Prolifics Testing’s solutions are designed to transform the testing landscape in higher education, making it more efficient, reliable and aligned with the sector's evolving digital needs. 


Contact us for a no-obligation quotation or just some advice on what automation solutions might be needed for your teams. 

Jonathan Binks - Head of Delivery
Prolifics Testing UK


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