Automated Regression Testing

When you decide to make changes to or update your software, Regression Testing is used to make sure that these modifications do not affect the software’s core functionalities. As such, a strong Regression Testing phase will allow you to edit code at will, while still being confident that the overall system will adapt to these changes.

Regression Testing is crucial for Universities, since applications are continually updating, sometimes on a daily or hourly basis. Students and staff expect a high standard of communication, with real-time updating of timetables, course information, and more. In addition, University websites are often complex, with vast numbers of pages, external links, and administrative portals, necessitating thorough testing when changes are made.

Without it, you are likely to encounter errors or latency issues within your website over time, affecting the user experience of both students and staff.

Why automated testing?

At Prolifics Testing, we use automation to significantly reduce the time taken to execute manual Regression Testing. With use of our Accelerators, we are able to scale up Regression Testing in line with your application, so that the test scope will expand as your product does.

Automation means that test teams are freed up to focus their efforts on higher-level tasks like test strategy and exploratory testing, cutting the costs of our services and helping us achieve actionable results in a relatively short window.

The core business advantages of automating Regression Testing are:

  • More stable application quality
  • Reduced time spent on manual regression testing
  • Increased user confidence in the application or system
  • Reusable test processes
  • Full DevOps and CI/CD compatibility

Next steps

We can support your test automation journey at any stage by providing consultancy at the outset to develop a test automation Strategy, undertaking PoCs and ROI studies to demonstrate the savings you can achieve, and offering a flexible test automation service to give you complete control.

As thought leaders in this space, we have developed a free, AI-driven test automation platform, which is fully containerised and cloud-based. Quality Fusion provides universities with a way of implementing codeless test automation that can be leveraged by business users, manual testers, and automation engineers / developers.

To learn more about Quality Fusion, please read our Solution Brochure here.

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