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Implementing the right tool is key for a successful Test Automation strategy.

With so many tools available, knowing what’s the most appropriate can be a challenge. Get it right and the investment in time and budget will be repaid many times over with productivity increases. Get it wrong and it could be a costly mistake for your organisation.

With extensive knowledge of automation tools, we can help your organisation derive maximum value from its investment in quick time.

We’ve conducted many Automated Tool Selection and Evaluation studies, as well as implemented and operated tools and processes on behalf of our customers. We have long-term partnerships and accreditations with leading vendors, as well as in-depth experience with Open Source tools, giving us significant experience across this sector.

Study and Review

The Selection and Evaluation study takes the objectives of automation and your budget, together with the technical architecture of the application(s) under test, and makes tool recommendations based on our experience (including practical strengths and weaknesses) and best practice.

When it comes to selecting and evaluation the right tool for your organisation, we provide:

  • A detailed analysis of your environment, infrastructure, release schedule and skills
  • A standard method for selecting any tools - this includes building a business case for purchasing or leasing tools as well as selection criteria and supplier management
  • Full training
  • Development of initial automated tests to ensure a rapid return on investment and demonstrate what is possible
  • The ability to negotiate beneficial licensing deals

A typical Selection and Evaluation exercise can be successfully completed in just a few days, sometimes no more than one day.

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