BA360: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Accelerator

BA360: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics AcceleratorOur specialised BA360 Accelerator was developed to accelerate the Manual Testing process with black box, white box and exploratory testing techniques.

The tool uses Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to generate test cases automatically and accurately by simply connecting to your application and inputting business requirements, mitigating the reliance of testers on application SMEs, speeding up the test design process and allowing easier entry into automation.

Compatibility with test management tools, including Micro Focus Quality Center, ALM and Jira, provides a business assurance dashboard with a real-time view of test coverage and status, mapped to business goals and top level requirements. It also supports Agile, Waterfall and other development methodologies.

BA360 is an innovative tool that can also predict defects before they arise. It uses its advanced Predictive Analytics system to connect to your defects database to analyse historic test data and identify recurring trends and patterns, allowing your team to focus on areas with the greatest risk.

The Accelerator also streamlines Manual Testing by notifying the tester of any changes across the entire system, identifying areas most likely to suffer defects. This provides unrivalled accuracy in regression testing post update.

Before BA360, the expected timescale for Manual Testing 1,500 cases was a labour-intensive 187 days; our Accelerator slashed this to just 4 days – a 98% improvement!

Read how our BA360 Accelerator enabled one client to cut its quota rollout timetable by one week - a reduction of 20% - as well as allow its sales team get to strategic discussions 30% faster. 

Effecta: Test Automation Accelerator

Effecta: Test Automation AcceleratorEffecta is our Test Management and Automation Accelerator suite that opens Test Automation to anyone.

It makes code-free and script-free Test Automation possible, reducing scripting time by up to 80% when compared to out-of-the-box scripting with tools such as Selenium-based frameworks or UFT.

Utilising pre-built connectors to Selenium, UFT and Appium, users record scripts as normal. Effecta then extracts data from the object’s repository to create metadata. This is used to create a series of test steps in a tabular form, which are used to create any test scenario, to be run as often as required. This approach allows manual testers, Business Analysts and business users to create, update and maintain automated tests with little or no scripting experience.

Data is automatically separated from the scripts, allowing the use of multiple data sources. Effecta also integrates to the Data Mining Engine Accelerator to ensure tests never fail due to out-of-date test data by automatically extracting it at run time.

Effecta makes maintaining Automated Test Packs easy. A Grabber Utility can be run after any changes are made to application and will automatically identify which objects have been changed and the test scripts associated with them. Using Page Object Model (POM) lets you update a test step once – Effecta will update it everywhere.

DevOps and CI/CD methodologies are supported through pre-built connectors to Jenkins, so Automated Tests can be executed every time there is a new build.

Effecta supports a variety of web technologies and COTS applications, including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, Workday HCM and others.

Read our McKesson case study, where we helped deliver over $2.2 million in cost savings through Test Automation and the Effecta Accelerator.

Data Mining Engine Accelerator

Data Mining Engine AcceleratorAs a guide, around 20% to 30% of automated tests fail due to invalid or out of date data. The Data Mining Engine Accelerator uses data mining technology to fully automate test data extraction, reducing the possibility of human error.

It saves time and effort while improving accuracy by eradicating false positives, leading to more accurate test results.

It was created to improve the accuracy of test data extraction and management for both manual and automated testing; the tool eliminates the risk of human error by managing and extracting complex test data from large databases, making manual test data creation and maintenance a thing of the past.

Deploying the Data Mining Engine Accelerator is fast, simple and only requires inputs for the test data required. The range of pre-built connectors include Micro Focus Quality Center, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, and UFT, and ensure the Accelerator will automatically search for the latest data every time an automated test is executed, guaranteeing that automated scripts do not fail due to out of date test data.

Validation Manager

Validation Manager Accelerator

Our Validation Manager Accelerator is designed for any type of migration, such as ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse, and analytics. It automates validation for any data from any source to any target system.

It also supports complex data transformations by applying business rules from source to target systems.

Reducing the requirements for manual intervention through utilities, the Validation Manager can automatically map source data schema, requiring the user to only input the differences on the target system.

With support for Excel, SQL, Oracle, SAP, HANA, MySQL, DB2, Teradata, XML and PostgreSQL, this is a truly flexible tool for integration testing – and has validated over 3 billion fields in a matter of hours.

Script Enhancer Accelerator

Using the robust VB.Net programming language, the Script Enhancer Accelerator is specifically built to reduce Performance Testing times by automating the customisation of the script by inserting fields such as Transaction Names, Error Handling, Think Times and Check Points.

Script Filter Accelerator

Scripting inefficiencies often slow the testing process. Our Scripting Filter Accelerator avoids these problems by removing unwanted URLs from a configurable list, reducing manual intervention.

Web Custom Request Convertor Accelerator

Performance testing scripts require vast amounts of custom requests, which are often very clumsy, and require a significant portion of time to debug and ‘error handle’.

This is time consuming and difficult for testers due to the complexity of the task, where mistakes are often made due to human error.

Our Accelerator simplifies the process by converting these complex custom requests into ‘web_submit_data’, which is simpler for scripting and error handling.

Test Data Mining Accelerator

Performance tests can require significant amounts of data to be generated manually. Our approach boasts full automation of this process by using test data mining techniques from any available database and the automatic generation of the remaining data using scripts.

Infrastructure Monitoring Accelerator

Collecting metrics while running tests provides valuable insights into performance. However, to compile these analytics, agents often need to be installed, which is not always appropriate in locked down, security conscious environments.

Our Infrastructure Monitoring Accelerator is an agentless tool that uses versatile Python scripts to capture raw data from logs across applications, and web and database servers. This includes response times, throughputs, memory utilisation, CPU and more.

Security Test AcceleratorProtecting sensitive corporate and client data is essential to the creation of applications.

Our specialist Security Testing Accelerator has been specifically constructed to detect serious security vulnerabilities and threats, which can often go unnoticed.


It is designed to detect the OWASP Top Ten, the most critical security risks to web applications:

  • Injection
  • Broken authentication
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • XML External Entities (XXE)
  • Broken access control
  • Security misconfigurations
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Insecure deserialization
  • Using components with known vulnerabilities
  • Insufficient logging and monitoring


At the touch of a button, the Accelerator will automatically scan the application, identify any security vulnerabilities and produce a report with remediation steps to avoid potentially catastrophic security breaches. It alleviates the requirement for costly security experts, who often undertake lengthy and complex analysis.

With no restrictions on using the Security Testing Accelerator, your team can ensure no security vulnerabilities are missed when changes have been introduced to the application, allowing the inception of dynamic application security testing to your organisation.

SLA Indepth Accelerator

SLA Indepth Accelerator

Our SLA Indepth Accelerator goes beyond reporting to enable the real-time viewing of delivery metrics for your project KPIs and SLAs to all relevant stakeholders via an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard.

The Accelerator offers web-based portal access from all of your team locations, whether they’re onsite, offsite or offshore, providing key information for various metrics and KPIs that reflect the health of your project.

The dynamic reporting dashboard offers on-screen filters that display reports at the touch of a button by extracting data from various source systems such as defect tracking and test case repositories to provide the most recent and up to date information on demand.

Report Manager Accelerator

Compiling, analysing and reporting metrics can be a time consuming process. Our Report Manager Accelerator automatically generates consolidated reports, while offering the ability to compare results from previous test runs or specific periods of time.

The Report Manager Accelerator can show if performance has improved or declined over releases, providing your team with vital information to tailor your testing efforts.