The Company implemented a cloud-based planning platform that can generate models, forecasts, and go-to-market strategies for the sales, finance, and marketing sides of the business. It accelerates planning speed, enhances business performance, and improves key business outcomes.

Planning for the Future of Business

The Company sought to conduct thorough testing of this new platform. However, the platform’s high level of customisation and integration with the Company’s existing applications made that testing a difficult proposition.

It turned to Prolifics, a partner with a history of quality testing work with the Company, as well as deep knowledge of the downstream systems that are connected to the planning platform in question.

An In-Depth Testing Solution

Eleven of our Functional and Performance Testing Consultants worked closely with a Company representative to accomplish the eight month planning platform testing project. It covered a total of six phases:

  • Requirement gathering and analysis:  requirement specification document was created based on stakeholder input.
  • Design: The system and software designs were prepared based on the requirement specifications.
  • Implementation: Tests were coded based on the system design documents.
  • Test execution: The code was tested against the requirements to ensure the product addressed the Company’s needs.
  • Deployment: The successfully tested product was delivered and deployed for beta testing. Bugs and necessary changes were fixed, followed by final deployment.
  • Maintenance: New issues identified during product use were resolved.

We leveraged our extensive testing expertise to achieve success throughout the project phases. We also brought in our BA360 Accelerator, an automated test design and business assurance tool, to speed the development of test cases.

Clear Benefits

The testing team averaged one release per month during its engagement as part of its Agile testing methodology. Over the course of the project, 1,325 test cases were developed; 400 of those were automated. 558 defects were logged and resolved.

We supported the Company’s automation team by transferring the knowledge needed to push its level of automation forward. It provided the guidance to build a regression suite in parallel with the regularly scheduled releases.

As a result, the Company’s sales planning division was able to cut its quota rollout timetable by one week - a reduction of 20%. The implementation of automation helped the Company’s sales team get to the strategic discussion phase 30% faster. The Company has also achieved better time efficiency and accuracy on its account territory rollout.

The cloud-based planning platform testing project successfully delivered on the scope, schedule, budget, and quality of objectives, maintaining the high standards that Prolifics’ clients have come to expect. The Company’s satisfaction with the result led to further testing projects for several of its other applications.

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