Quality Fusion

Quality Fusion enables codeless test automation and leverages the TensorFlow AI Engine to create predictive analytics, reducing test cycle times and costs by up to 50%.

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Test Automation

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300 API & 500 UI Tests

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Why Quality Fusion?

Easy to use

Completely code-free, script-free and without vendor lock in, QF is designed to bring together all your system testing onto one comprehensive, future-proof platform.


QF is Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible ready, DevOps compatible and integrates with Jenkins.

Save Time

Its TensorFlow Al Engine allows you to focus test efforts more intelligently, while self-healing scripts reduce maintenance as applications inevitably change over time.

Reduce Costs

Quality Fusion is built on open-source components, so there are no license fees, subscription or maintenance costs.

Quality Fusion can also reduce the cost of dedicated test environments with a containerised platform, which makes it possible to spin up environments at will. In fact, Quality Fusion enables you to spin multiple containers to run parallel test execution of 300 API and 500 UI scripts in just 10 minutes.

It runs on Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and on-premise, providing our customers the versatility you need to match your existing hosting arrangements.

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