Quality Fusion

Quality Fusion enables codeless test automation and leverages the TensorFlow AI Engine to create predictive analytics, reducing test cycle times and costs by up to 50%. 

Why Quality Fusion?

Quality FusionTypically, organisations use many different test tools to cover a wide range of testing activities, as there is no easy or cost-effective way to bring multiple solutions together via a single, open-source testing platform. Test and QA leaders told us they wanted a solution with AI capabilities to bring together and add value to open source solutions, taking advantage of modern innovation and reducing dependencies on more technical resources to maintain automation packs.

What we developed

We wanted to help our customers achieve faster, more frequent software testing whilst maintaining quality and increasing autonomy. We created Quality Fusion to be a single, open, testing platform with built-in AI capabilities that users could start using 'straight out of the box' to automate web, desktop, mobile and API tests.

Quality Fusion is designed to add more value and flexibility to clients by allowing us to tailor it to meet their specific requirements, and integrate it into their existing processes and tools.

Easy to use

Quality Fusion enables codeless test automation, which means anyone can use it. It's especially useful for: 

  • Manual testers, BAs, and business users – no coding knowledge required
  • Automation Engineers – use the ready-made automation frameworks (Java / C#)
  • DevTesters – leverage the support for IDEs

In addition, Quality Fusion is Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible ready, DevOps compatible and integrates with Jenkins. It can be used as part of your CI / CD pipeline, and promotes Shift Left, since you can run automated tests as part of each and every build.

The Quality Fusion suite utilises a range of frameworks, including Selenium, Winium, Appium & REST assured. The tool is built as open from the ground up, including supports for APIs, meaning easy connectivity for existing tools for source control, requirements, defect management and deployment.

Saves time

With Quality Fusion, you can easily perform Data Mining for automated test data creation. Its TensorFlow AI Engine allows you to focus test efforts more intelligently, while self-healing scripts mean reduced maintenance as applications inevitably change over time.  

Reduced cost

Quality Fusion is built on open-source components, so there are no license fees, subscription or maintenance costs.

Like all our Accelerators, Quality Fusion is offered free alongside our testing services. In addition, all automation assets generated via our toolset are completely standalone and do not rely on our IP to allow future execution and maintenance.

Quality Fusion can also reduce the cost of dedicated test environments with a containerised platform, which makes it possible to spin up environments at will. In fact, Quality Fusion enables you to spin multiple containers to run parallel test execution of 300 API and 500 UI scripts in just 10 minutes.

It runs on Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and on-premise, providing our customers the versatility you need to match your existing hosting arrangements.

Find out more

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about Quality Fusion and implementing or reviewing your Test Automation.

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