Wednesday, 26 May 2021

***Watch a full recording of the webinar below***


This May, Faz Ahmad will be hosting an exclusive virtual conference with senior IT professionals hoping to learn more about our approach to Test Automation using our innovative new platform, Quality Fusion (QF).

The event will focus on how Quality Fusion is:

  • A free, AI-driven platform for Web, Desktop, Mobile & API's
  • Built on Open Source components
  • Fully containerised for Automated Environment Provisioning and Parallel Execution
  • Code-free, and therefore accessible to Manual Testers, Automation Engineers and Business Users
  • Provided with ready-made frameworks for Selenium/Winium/Appium/REST Assured

Quality Fusion

During the conference, you will get to hear about our new AI-driven test automation platform, Quality Fusion, which was designed to enable automated test design, data creation, execution and analytics.

Typically, organisations use many different test tools to cover a wide range of testing activities, as there is no easy or cost-effective way to bring multiple solutions together via a single, open-source testing platform. Quality Fusion is our answer to this need.

Quality Fusion can be used ‘straight out of the box’ to automate web, desktop, mobile and API tests or it can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and integrated into your existing processes and tools.

Join us virtually

The virtual webinar is being held from 16:00 to 17:00 on Wednesday 26th May. It's aimed at senior IT leaders who want to learn more about how they can level up their test automation efforts thanks to Quality Fusion.

To sign up to attend the event, please follow the link below.

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