SAP Test Automation

Many organisations struggle to keep up with SAP system upgrades and modernisation at the database layer for business critical applications. Regression testing, a vital tool in ensuring business processes continue to support users, can be complex to implement, run and maintain.

For SAP users, modernisation involves migrating functionalities to SAP S/4HANA, necessitating a significant amount of change, both at the UI and database layers.

There is no doubt that testing is an invaluable part of this process. Companies want to reduce the risk of implementing changes to their SAP platforms as much as possible. However, manual performance or functional testing can often take a long time, and take up valuable resources in the process.

Test Automation

As organisations move from a traditional waterfall model to agile development and deployment methods, hoping to realise incremental ROI from their large investments in SAP, there can often be missed requirements, issues with data quality management, increasing integration development complexity, and compressed test cycle times. All of this only takes clients further from their goal of reducing the cost and risk associated with deploying SAP-based solutions.

This is where test automation comes in. When performed correctly, test automation can help to:

  • Increase frequency and reduce cycle time for test execution and remediation without sacrificing test coverage
  • Test across complex hybrid environments (SAP, legacy applications, web and mobile, etc.)
  • Create, execute, and report on the massive number of test cases required to fully ensure solutions

The biggest hurdle is that it can often prove expensive.

How we can help

At Prolifics Testing, we leverage our unique test automation accelerator, Effecta, to automate the validation of data, business processes, custom development, and integration across multiple applications. It helps our clients move beyond automated regression testing across all variants of SAP, such as ECC, SCM, BW, CRM, SRM and S/4HANA.

Best of all, we offer clients access to Effecta free of charge alongside our testing services.

What it does

Effecta automatically extracts data, executes tests, and verifies test results by comparing them with expected results. It also allows large bodies of records across a range of file formats to be verified quickly and thoroughly, while handling all of the necessary connection and extraction in an optimised manner.

Specifically, in order to achieve significant modernisation, Effecta is able to compare data between SAP HANA and non-HANA database objects. This powerful technology helps ensure an efficient standalone architecture.

The following diagram demonstrates how the Effecta accelerator improves the testing process:


Why choose us?

Our commitment to high quality solutions drives our defect removal efficiency (DRE) ratio of 97% (one of the highest in the industry), which in turn yields long-term partnership with clients. Our highly skilled team have helped businesses around the world reap significant benefits, including:

  • Reducing test cycles from days to hours
  • Reducing time spent on regression testing
  • Eliminating manual tasks
  • Increasing user confidence in applications and systems
  • Providing reusable test processes

Through Prolifics, our parent company, we possess over 1000 employees across the US, Canada, India, and Germany, and are partnered with the likes of IBM, Talend, Micro Focus, and Ranorex. We are specialists in all things software testing, and emphasise delivery in everything we do.

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