Implementing Packaged Software

We offer a highly-effective, comprehensive approach to testing for packaged software implementations. Our processes grant you peace of mind - from the initial stages all the way to go-live.

Diagram of testing process

The Test Process

Testing begins by devising a detailed Test Strategy, to establish test scope and ensure that initial expectations are clearly defined. During this time, we select the tools to be used. The vast majority of our testing tools are Open Source, helping to keep costs down and promote compatibility.

System Integration Testing

Following this, the bulk of the testing work begins. Our System Integration Testing is conducted manually by our UK / Offshore teams and, where appropriate, assisted by our free accelerator, BA360.

BA360 uses Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to generate manual test cases automatically and accurately, simply by connecting to your application and inputting business requirements. This mitigates the reliance of testers on application SMEs, speeding up the test design process and allowing easier entry into automation. For some clients, BA360 has slashed testing times by up to 98% when compared with standard manual testing.

Test Automation

Clients can choose between using our new codeless, AI / ML Test Automation Platform, Quality Fusion (QF), or our ‘Day One’ approach, which is enabled by our ready-made GAT Framework for Selenium and UFT, along with our reusable library of functions for SAP, Workday HCM, & Oracle EBS.

With the latter, test cases are automated, executed, and a report generated, all within just 30 minutes. Our GAT framework is both cost-effective and helps to reduce ongoing maintenance, thanks to its ease of use. In addition, being a keyword and data driven framework, the GAT framework overcomes many of the problems associated with ordinary automation frameworks.

We also possess ready-made automation frameworks for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and MuleSoft.

If you’re updating software, we can help to create automated test packs to run against application updates - a quick and simple process.

Non-Functional Testing

Our team then conducts additional testing procedures:

These are powered by our in-house Accelerators, helping to save time and keep costs down. For Performance Testing, our script enhancers and filters, test data auto-generators and agentless monitoring can generate total savings of up to 40%. Our Security Testing Accelerator is equally effective, targeting the OWASP Top 10 security threats to help ensure total application security.

Before go-live, we also conduct User Acceptance Testing, to make sure that requirements have been delivered and the software fulfils the business needs and objectives for which it was implemented.

Data Migration

Often, our clients are looking to migrate to Cloud versions of their enterprise applications. To assist with this, we provide end-to-end services to migrate from on-prem to (Hybrid) Cloud.

We are Data Migration specialists, carrying out automated data validation when moving from legacy applications to target application platforms.

Specifically, Data Migration involves cleaning up the legacy data, mapping it over from that legacy system, designing and testing the conversion programs, and reconciling the converted data.

Our phases are:

  • Data Assessment
  • Data Cleansing
  • Test Extract & Load
  • Final Extract & Load
  • Migration Validation
  • Post Migration Activities


Use our expertise to help mitigate the risks of your Packaged Software Implementation. We are a proven supplier, used to meeting strict deadlines and budgets through effective on-demand testing, carried out via our onshore and offshore delivery teams.

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