Failing Project Support

When testing programmes start to fail, the chief expense incurred is time, which inevitably leads to compromises in quality, defects not being identified, and regression problems creeping in. These issues only serve to further erode confidence in the software deliverables.

Key symptoms of a badly run test phase include a lack of testing at the right level, an overlap of testing across different phases, being unclear about planned and actual coverage, and missing metrics.

Testing programmes with these problems can lead to a substandard quality of testing, a demotivated team, and a loss of confidence in the testing function, which can often result in an accumulating testing debt with each iteration. In many cases, testing programmes are started without an optimised strategy and governance, making it increasingly necessary to devise a new strategy that will ensure application quality going forward.

What we offer

At Prolifics Testing, our team have a great deal of experience being involved in major testing programmes, both from the start, and during flight projects. Throughout these programmes we provide strategic guidance to realign the role of testing, harmonising teams to carry out work in an optimal manner. Each team’s skills are matched against the purposes of each test phase, to allow the realignment of testing activities with the overall business strategy.

Some of the core services we deliver to clients seeking to remedy failing projects include:

Testing on Demand

In addition to helping at the strategic level, we are able to provide our clients with expert consultancy on demand, to supplement testing programmes where needed. This includes Test Automation, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, and Security Testing.

Our on demand test delivery model, whereby consultants work in-house, remote, or entirely offshore at your discretion, means we can fully integrate with your programme and quickly become a part of the team, interacting with the existing CI / CD pipeline. Our team are all expert problem solvers, used to delivering quality at speed.

Our team

Our team possesses a wealth of experience working on major, complex programmes across a variety of different industries, as well as intimate knowledge of the common pitfalls that can make testing inefficient and ineffective. 

We emphasise delivery, rather than finding fault with any of the teams involved in the project. While symptoms are often identified during testing, we aim to quickly troubleshoot these issues, realigning the misperceptions about which team is to blame. We focus on program assurance, QA / QC, and ensuring reliability after go-live, and make sure that the project teams understand how testing fits in with development.

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