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In addition to our standard Health Check (which includes an assessment of the use of tools and test automation generally), we also offer a dedicated Test Automation Review service.

Our experienced Consultants conduct an impartial, detailed assessment of the existing test automation practices, tools and teams in use within your organisation. For companies looking to implement test automation, the Review will identify the suitability of automation within your organisation and the optimal pathway towards a successful implementation

Review Scope

The Test Automation Review includes frameworks implemented, tools used, skills within the team, test assets and coverage, the level and scope of automation, and the rate of change of functionality of applications.

Our Consultants will highlight areas for improvement, such as:

  • Ensuring automated testing is focused on the areas where most benefit can be realised
  • Ensuring that where frameworks are used they are optimised, current and reflect the applications under test
  • Ensuring standards are in place, that they are being followed and that they are appropriate
  • Assessing skill levels of staff and whether additional training or mentoring is required
  • Ensure that test automation is being used appropriately and scope is optimal
  • Check that automated tests are designed in way that provides meaningful outcomes
  • Evaluate whether tests can be related back to original requirements or specifications
  • Investigate whether the test architecture is still most suitable for the task and that the most appropriate tools are being used
  • Re-writing automated scripts to make them more efficient
  • Supplementing existing scripts to cover additional functionality
  • Recommending guidelines and best practice to ensure future tests are developed in the best and most consistent manner

Implementing Test Automation

For companies new to Test Automation, the Test Automation Review will work to identify the need for automation and the process to follow towards implementation:

  1. Identify the most suitable areas, if any, for automation whether it be for unit, system, integration, performance, operational or User Acceptance Testing
  2. Once a need has been established, along with a positive ROI calculation, a tool selection exercise can be run in order to identify the optimum tool(s)
  3. A proof of concept is run, to ensure the selected tool is suitable for purpose
  4. Once successful, implementation is carried out, accompanied by configuration, staff training and provision of initial framework

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