Performance Accelerators

Our accelerators can reduce performance test duration and costs for our customers by up to 40%.

Use of our Performance Testing Accelerator suite is included as an integral part of our service. Some of our accelerators are:

Grafana Analytics Dashboard

Each project is allocated its own secure instance of our Grafana dashboard, which allows the collection and display of data in realtime during test execution, which has significant benefits we have found in engagement with infrastructure teams and speed of resolution of problems found. We also include an integration to PowerBI, which speeds up the analysis of large amounts of data.

Script Enhancer

Our Script Enhancer Accelerator is specifically built to reduce scripting time by automating the customisation of performance scripts. This is achieved by inserting fields such as Transaction Names, Error Handling, Think Times and Check Points. This also enables us to ensure consistency in script development against our standards.

Test Data Mining Accelerator

Performance tests can require significant amounts of data to be generated manually. Our approach boasts full automation of this process by using test data mining techniques from any available database and automatic generation of the remaining data using scripts.

Infrastructure Monitoring Accelerator

Our Infrastructure Monitoring Accelerator is an agentless tool that uses versatile Python scripts to capture raw data from logs across applications, web servers, and databases. These data include response times, throughputs, memory utilisation, CPU load and more.

Our Accelerators integrate with all the major test management tools, including Micro Focus ALM and Jira. We also offer automated test case design for a range of major COTS applications, including SAP, Oracle EBS, and Workday HCM.

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