Driving Cost Savings for UK Universities Through Expert QA Services

Monday, 11 March 2024


UK universities are increasingly turning to digital solutions to enhance student experience, streamline operations, and maintain competitiveness. This digital transformation presents unique challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to quality assurance (QA) and software testing. Prolifics Testing, with over 16 years of experience in software testing and a track record of successful partnerships with more than 40 universities globally, stands at the forefront of this digital shift, offering tailored QA services that not only address these challenges but also drive significant cost savings for our customers, helping mitigate the challenges of tight budgets and reduced capital expenditure. Our aim is to make software testing more efficient with technology, freeing our customers for core activities related to the business of academia. Our global team provides specialist QA services, flexibly and at a competitive cost so that our customers can reap the benefits.  Our services are all available on the Government Marketplace, both G-Cloud and DOS, with clear deliverables, benefits and costs. We have experience with implementing solutions for Student Records Systems, Curriculum Management, Learning Management, Timetabling and more. Some of our key services are listed below. 

Test Automation:

Automation is a priority for business stakeholders and technical teams. Prolifics Testing have implemented test automation frameworks for many of our clients, especially the HE sector, where we are able to quickly deploy experienced teams using modern automation tools, including Playwright, UFT One and our own Quality Fusion cloud-based automation solution. Quality Fusion transforms test automation with its AI-driven, cloud-based capabilities; enabling quick script development and maintenance without the need for coding. We offer universities the means to accelerate software delivery, minimise errors, and ensure high-quality user experiences without recurring licence fees. There’s also no vendor lock in with our solutions, we provide state of the art solutions in an open format and tools are selected in conjunction with our customers, so the optimal choice is made. We have ready-made accelerators and frameworks for some of the major applications used within HE, including SITS, SAP, Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365. 

Performance Testing:

Understanding the critical nature of enterprise applications in the higher education sector, Prolifics Testing ensures these platforms can handle expected user loads without compromise. The use of our own IP, around open-source tools and our cloud infrastructure to drive the allows for scalable solutions that enhance system reliability while minimising costs. All scripts and performance packs are handed over to our customers once tests are complete, so that these become re-usable assets for future tests. 

Cloud Migration Testing:

As universities migrate to cloud-based systems, the complexity of ensuring data integrity, system performance, and functionality escalates. Our comprehensive approach covers all bases — from the design of an optimal strategy, through to supplier liaison and working closely with customer project teams. We operate a true partnership approach and have worked on numerous cloud migrations in the HE sector, co-ordinating and running System Integration Testing, Regression, Performance, Security and UAT. Our team know how to run UAT, empowering the users to provide meaningful input while supporting them in recognition that SME’s have their own vital roles to play in day to day running of the institution. Cloud migrations are a showcase of many of our capabilities in this space, including system integration, performance and UAT co-ordination, but also test automation and data migration testing and validation, using our in-house tool, Effecta. 

Addressing Modern Challenges:

Digital platforms must not only be functional but also user-friendly and accessible to all students and staff. Our UX/UI and accessibility testing services ensure that digital resources meet the highest standards of intuitiveness and accessibility. Additionally, in a world increasingly focused on sustainability, our partnership with Experimentus offers a sustainability scoring questionnaire, aiding universities in improving their operational efficiency and testing processes, thus contributing to cost savings and enhanced ESG performance. 

Delivery Models:

Prolifics is a global IT services specialist, established for 40 years with 1800+ staff and a major focus on testing. As well as the UK, we have major operations in the USA, Canada and Germany, served by our technology centre in Hyderabad, India. Prolifics work with major global businesses as a trusted IT services supplier, specialising in Data / AI, platform integration, business automation and digital transformation. We have over 500 testing specialists across the group and can quickly react to customer requirements.


In conclusion, as UK universities navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the importance of effective, efficient, and cost-optimised QA services cannot be overstated. Prolifics Testing, with its deep industry expertise, innovative solutions, and comprehensive service offerings, is uniquely positioned to help higher education institutions modernise at speed while achieving significant cost savings. By partnering with us, universities can not only overcome the technical challenges of digitalisation but also enhance their operational efficiency, improve the student and staff experience, and maintain their competitive edge in the fast-paced world of higher education.  

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Jonathan Binks - Head of Delivery
Prolifics Testing UK

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