Windows 10/11 Migration Service

You will be able to upgrade your IT infrastructure (PCs & laptops) to Windows 11 if it meets the minimum hardware specifications. If it does not, now is a great time to review your hardware and overall IT estate.

In most cases, we advocate a staged approach to improving hardware, in order to minimise business disruption, but in areas where information security is paramount, speed can often be of the essence.

Ready for a pilot deployment?

Where appropriate, companies can start implementing the upgrade to a selected number of devices before deploying it company-wide.

In this case, our process would look something like this:
1. Assign a group of users or devices to receive the upgrade.
2. Implement baseline and operational updates.
3. Validate the deployment process.
4. Deploy the upgrade to devices.
5. Test and support the pilot devices.
6. Determine broad deployment once the pilot is completed.

Why Prolifics Testing?
Prolifics Testing has supported Windows migrations over the course of over 20 years - XP, Vista, 7, and more. From consultancy to functional and non-functional testing, we are happy to accompany you on the journey of migration. Our expertise will help you to avoid defects such as application crashing and functional step-outs.

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