Salesforce Testing at VMware

Salesforce Functional & Automation Testing

Testing for a global rollout of Salesforce was a huge undertaking, involving 5,000+ manual test cases. Test Automation was key to driving time and cost savings for Salesforce testing. However Salesforce uses complex Visualforce pages which makes testing time-consuming. Test Automation was not straight forwards as Salesforce generates ID’s at runtime which leads to changes to Apex code and to field locators which means automated scripts fail and maintenance for Test Automation becomes costly and time consuming.


Prolifics Testing recommended the use of Open Source Selenium and Opentext UFT One to overcome these technical challenges and keep costs minimised. Through a combination of Test Automation tools and our internal Accelerators we were able to set up a Test CoE which included:

  • BA360 for ML driven Manual Test Case Generation: Migrating to Salesforce required the development of 5,000+ Functional test cases to achieve the level of test coverage required. To help meet project timescales and contain costs, Prolifics Testing used its internal BA360 Accelerator which uses ML algorithms to auto-generate manual test cases and its integration with Micro Focus ALM ensured all these test cases could be tracked effectively.
  • Test Automation Using Selenium & UFT One: Prolifics Testing recommended using Opentext UFT One, a proven solution for Salesforce and desktop applications This not only overcame the technical challenges associated with automating Salesforce’s integrations to desktop applications, but also delivered significant time and cost savings. We undertook test automation for the following components and integrations with Salesforce:

    • Sales
    • Services
    • IVR testing (Both Inbound and Outbound) integrated with Salesforce application
    • Salesforce is integrated with:
      • Oracle EBS
      • Portals
      • Anaplan application
      • Siebel UCM
      • DNB System
      • IBM ILOG
      • And Many more



Prolifics Testing was able to leverage used Salesforce functional experts to rapidly understand the key risk for Testing and recommend an approach to mitigate delivery risks and minimize time and costs for the testing phase of the migration. We successfully achieved a DRE>99% for test releases.

Salesforce Performance Testing at VMware

As the business continues to expand, critical Salesforce Lightning Transactions (Leads, Opportunities, Quotes (Product configuration/Pricing calculations) and Case Creation, Search Case, Product Views Transactions performance overhead was resulting in all critical Txns taking too long to process.

  • To maintain efficient time to market while reducing total cost of ownership, VMware needed an expert Performance COE Team and an optimized test strategy that would enable the company to adapt quickly in dealing with service objectives, ensuring their Performance Enhancements for Salesforce were thoroughly tested & rolled out within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Solution - Prolifics defined a holistic phase-by-phase approach ensuring a standardised & structured Opentext LoadRunner Framework to deliver predictability and consistency. Prolifics implemented our proprietary Accelerators to expedite Performance Testing activities across all Salesforce Projects. Performance Tuning on different objects (Leads, Opportunities, etc) & Indexing allowed quicker retrieval of Objects data, improving load time of all critical Salesforce business transactions. Component & Service Level Performance Testing helped in detecting bottlenecks early in the SDLC.


Through a combination of LoadRunner and our internal accelerators, Prolifics was able to deliver the following:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Our newly established Performance TCoE was able to meet SLA’s met with 100% adherence and deliver DRE > 99%..

  • Reduced Costs: Using our Performance Test Accelerators, we were able to reduce total cost of ownership by 50%.

  • Performance: Enhancements resulted in an increase in overall performance stability and a decrease in the load times for business-critical transactions.

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