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Thursday, 13 August 2020

When using API platforms like MuleSoft, you need the ability to easily create end-to-end tests that validate entire user flows and certify that endpoints interact as expected. You also need to identify bugs, security vulnerabilities, inconsistencies, and failures.

MuleSoft Test Automation

Doing this manually can be time consuming and expensive, so to reduce time, costs and complexities, Prolifics Testing, a MuleSoft accredited partner, has developed a free, ready-made Framework that enables totally code-free Test Automation for MuleSoft – no license costs, no subscription fees, no maintenance fees.

Key Drivers for MuleSoft/API Testing

Key Drivers for MuleSoft/API Testing

Key Features and Advantages of API Testing

Shift-left with Functional Automation:

  • Automates tests during the test case preparation phase
  • Reduce functional execution efforts by 40%

Simplify Test Automation process:

  • Automate REST APIs, web services, JMS and MQ based services with pre-defined templates
  • Get 100% reusability with granular components and instructions
  • Dynamic data inputs helps componentise test cases with variable nature

Automate scripting even without APIs:

  • Begin test case design as early as the requirements phase
  • Automate test suites independently, without live APIs

Easy portability, creation and maintenance:

  • Ensure multiple environment  support with  simple configuration changes
  • Create test cases using pre-built test case templates and test assertions
  • Provides easy maintenance and extendable automation scripts

Prolifics API Framework Key Differentiators

  • Improves performance and reliability of the Service Oriented Application (SOA)
  • Cost effective solution to test both SOA-based and REST API-based web services
  • Supports test execution of web services in cloud environment
  • Ensures 100% Functional Test coverage
  • Reduces web services test case authoring effort by 80%

Demo and Proof of Concept

Contact us now if you would like a demo on our Free MuleSoft Test Automation Framework and take up our offer of a Free Test Automation Proof of Concept.

You can also read about our SOA and Middleware Testing services.

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