Are your systems Clearing-ready?

During Clearing, universities anticipate that hundreds or perhaps thousands of potential students will get in touch via telephone or online, in a very short period of time in an attempt to secure a place. In 2023, a total of 38,140 students managed to secure their university places through Clearing, up from 33,280 in 2022 - a rise of nearly 15%. Without proper performance testing, your applications and telephonic systems can face disruptions due to spikes in load which can be costly and damaging.

Having worked with several universities such as University of Kent, Queen Mary University of London, UWE and a few others, we can help in load and performance testing student management systems, website, apps and telephonic systems, to ensure your systems are Clearing-ready. 

Our Service Benefits:

Clearing Strategy - For Clearing to be successful and to attain every potential student who wishes to apply, as well as working online systems for applicants, telephone communications that can handle spikes in load are essential, at what is often the busiest day of the academic year for university switchboards. 

Telephony Testing Solution - Using specialist infrastructure, we are able to generate large call volumes into an IVR system, selecting the relevant options and accurately simulating calls into agents at the university.

Providing Support and Confidence - Where issues are identified, either within the university or with their telephony provider, these can be fixed and the tests re-run on demand, until the university can be completely confident that the expected levels of traffic can be accommodated.

Our Approach:

A typical performance test against a Student Records System for clearing can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks.

  • Gathering requirements, documenting and agreeing on a test approach, designing scripts, and creating test data are all part of the preparation phase. 

  • A series of structured tests matching peak load levels are then run, to identify bottlenecks and ensure the system can support the anticipated number of users, without an interruption to user experience.  

  • Our customers are given access to real-time dashboards during the tests, as well as comprehensive data once tests are completed, so that modifications can be made and tests re-run to prove changes have been effective.

Why Choose Us?

Our Expertise - Performance testing for student management systems, websites, apps and telephone systems is our area of expertise.

Extensive Experience - As a Higher Education sector Specialist, we have a thorough understanding of the annual application, results, and the clearing cycle, from our experience of working with over 20 universities in the UK alone.

Professional Support - We have invested in solutions that allow us to provide a meaningful set of performance tests and accurately simulate the expected peak load, prior to Clearing itself.


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As a Higher Education specialist providing services for over 25+ universities within the UK and abroad, and with our expertise in end-to-end performance testing, we can provide you with the professional QA support that you need with Clearing.

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