Wednesday, 30 August 2023

We are delighted to announce our partnership as Tricentis' Solutions Partner, attaining the foremost position in the UK. 

Certified as a Tricentis Solutions Partner, we provide our clients with a range of advantages. Firstly, we have exclusive access to cutting-edge testing solutions from Tricentis, enabling us to equip our clients with state-of-the-art tools such as Tricentis Tosca, qTest and NeoLoad, which helps in resulting faster, more efficient, and highly accurate testing processes. Secondly, Tricentis tools are designed to accelerate testing, ensuring that our demands related to Agile and DevOps can be kept up, while maintaining top-notch quality.

Moreover, our partnership enables us to offer comprehensive, end-to-end test automation and management solutions through the Tricentis tools supported by our experienced consultants, leading to reduced defects in production and an improved end-user experience. Additionally, we can facilitate collaboration between development and testing teams, streamlining development cycles, and expediting releases. Lastly, by optimising testing processes and reducing the reliance on manual testing, we help our clients achieve significant cost savings, capitalising on the efficiency of Tricentis tools.

We are excited about the opportunities this certification brings and we look forward to helping our clients achieve their testing goals with the power of Tricentis.

As a Solutions Partner, we are able to offer our customers competitive pricing on licensing, either independently, or to accompany our services - please get in touch for a quotation.

If you are interested in understanding how we can help your organisation using Tricentis' tools such as TOSCA, qTest or NeoLoad, please get in touch with us now by calling +44 (0) 20 8905 2761 or click here.

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