At Prolifics, we take great satisfaction in working with leaders in the field to deliver you the most cutting-edge solutions in software testing. One such collaboration is with Tricentis, a world authority on continuous testing and test automation.

Tricentis provides a full range of testing tools that enable businesses to produce software of unmatched quality and with shorter development times. Let's examine the Tricentis trinity of testing tools; Tosca, NeoLoad, and qTest.

Intelligent Test Automation with Tosca

The ground-breaking test automation platform Tosca goes beyond the limitations of conventional testing. Tosca gives you the ability to build, organise, and carry out end-to-end tests across a variety of apps, technologies, and platforms by utilising AI and machine learning. Tosca speeds up the testing process with its model-based methodology, enabling both technical and non-technical team members to work together without interruption. The extensive capabilities of Tosca guarantee that your software delivers unrivalled quality, performance, and dependability, from risk-based testing to continuous testing.

Performance Testing Redefined with NeoLoad

NeoLoad is a performance testing industry standard when it comes to making sure your apps can handle the load. With NeoLoad, you can stress-test your applications and mimic real-world scenarios to find performance bottlenecks before they affect your consumers. NeoLoad's intuitive interface and sophisticated analytics give you the power to optimise performance, improve user experiences, and produce responsive apps that go above and beyond expectations.

Agile Test Management with qTest

The ideal test management solution in the fluid environment of agile development is qTest. The test planning, execution, and tracking processes are simplified by qTest's user-friendly interface and seamless integrations. Gain real-time insights into testing progress, organise test cases and requirements, and collaborate easily with your team. qTest gives you the tools to manage quality and keep up with the times, whether you use DevOps, continuous testing, or agile techniques.

The Prolifics Testing Promise

Our partnership with Tricentis demonstrates our dedication to providing top-notch testing solutions that support your success. Utilise cutting-edge technologies and approaches with Tosca, NeoLoad, and qTest to improve the performance, efficiency, and quality of your programme. You choose innovation, competence, and a route to software excellence by working with Tricentis and us.

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