At Prolifics Testing, we support legal firms transitioning to MS365 Copilot, an AI tool enhancing work efficiency by simplifying tasks like document drafting and data analysis. We offer integration and functional testing to ensure a smooth adoption process, addressing the challenges of monthly M365 updates. Our expertise ensures minimal disruption and optimised performance, making the transition seamless.

Embracing Copilot, an AI tool powered by Microsoft 365, marks a significant advancement in your daily work life. This tool transforms how you interact with data, draft emails, and summarise conversations, making operations more efficient and improving customer satisfaction. Copilot, enhanced by OpenAI technology, revolutionises your digital workspace. With a simple click, it assists in creating Word documents, generating presentations, forecasting in Excel, and organising Teams meetings. It's more than just a tool; it represents a leap in enhancing work efficiency, creativity, productivity, and skill levels.

To fully benefit from M365 Copilot, following these steps are essential:

  • Begin by securing Copilot licenses, included in the EAP test phase. Activate OneDrive accounts for all users and integrate them with Azure Active Directory.
  • Remember, installing the latest version of Outlook for Windows is crucial for Copilot to function properly.
  • Also, do not forget the Semantic Index for better performance and user experience.

Microsoft Copilot offers legal firms the chance to integrate advanced AI into their daily office tools, promising operational efficiency. However, the shift to Copilot requires accepting monthly M365 updates, significantly impacting the testing of office applications and related add-ons. Prolifics Testing has partnered with a London-based Magic Circle Law Firm to implement AI-driven, code-free test automation for these monthly updates and Copilot's new features.

We provide thorough support for a smooth transition to MS365 Copilot, including integration and functional testing services. Our goal is to ensure your systems run smoothly during this change. Our experts are ready to help you integrate MS365 Copilot into your current setup, thoroughly test its functionality, and resolve any issues that may emerge.

With our focus on integration and functional testing, you can trust that your move to MS365 Copilot will be managed with care and expertise. We are dedicated to minimising disruptions, enhancing performance, and ensuring a successful MS365 Copilot implementation in your organisation.

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