AI Test Automation at a Magic Circle Law Firm

The Challenges:

Our client, a leading Magic Circle law firm, needs to ensure that fee earners and staff have access to the latest versions of their applications. This ensures that all security patches are up to date, and they can leverage the latest software features to enhance lawyer productivity.

Historically, the firm faced challenges in keeping up with testing monthly security patches and quarterly software updates through manual testing. This resulted in important updates being missed, and fee earners didn’t have timely access to the latest features of their applications.

Throwing additional resources at the issue wasn’t sustainable, so they engaged Prolifics to come up with a better way.


Prolifics Legal Test Automation CoE proposed the use of automated test tools to test every cadence across all the firm’s applications. We conducted an independent test tool evaluation, employing three leading test automation tools for the firm’s complex iManage end-to-end tests. These tests included opening iManage, sending an email via Outlook, and checking a Word document.

Our Test Automation Architect successfully addressed the technical challenges of this complex scenario by using AI-based object recognition to identify objects on different application screens. Through this evaluation, it became evident that Tricentis Tosca was the clear leader in automation test coverage, ease of use with its AI-based code-free automation, and reduced maintenance of scripts through AI-based self-healing.

Prolifics provided a managed service to establish a Tosca CoE, rapidly automating the firm’s highest-priority applications based on cadence frequency, time, costs to execute manually, and the greatest ROI for the business.

We employed a hybrid delivery model, with a UK-based Test Manager providing governance and communication with the UK client team, and an offshore delivery team to reduce costs and timelines. We successfully delivered test automation across Office 365, iManage, Litera (Compare, Foundation, Metadact & DocXtools), and initiated a PoC for its Intapp products (Open, Time, and Terms).


Prolifics Legal Test Automation CoE is planning on delivering £1 million of cost savings over a 3-year period through AI enabled Test Automation:

Office 365

  • 151 tests automated
  • 10-days execution down to 1-day
  • 90% Reduction
  • Over £100,000 Cost Avoidance*


  • 290/372 tests automated
  • 25-days execution down to 4-days
  • 85% Reduction
  • £200,000 Cost Avoidance*

Litera (Compare, Contract Companion, Metadact & Docxtools)

  • 100/181 automated
  • 12-days down to 2-days
  • 86% Reduction
  • £100,000 Cost Avoidance*

Intapp (Open, Time & Terms)

  • 54-days down to 8-days
  • 85% Reduction
  • £600,000 Cost Avoidance*


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Jonathan Binks - Head of Delivery
Prolifics Testing UK

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