Who Should Attend?

  • Newcomers to Ranorex

Exam Details

There is no exam as part of this course.


  • Get to grips with the key components of Ranorex studio
  • Learn how to convert manual test cases to automated scripts
  • Gain a full understanding of key concepts such as modularising your tests, data-driving your tests and validating your application under test
  • Get to know best practices in using Ranorex

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Please note: this course runs on demand so the price is TBC.

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Course Content and Agenda

This course is delivered online in real time with a live trainer over three sessions of three hours each.

The sessions are usually scheduled for the morning, and finish by lunch time, avoiding too much disruption to your working day.

Joining instructions including links to access the training will be provided after booking is complete.

  • What is Test Automation?
  • What is Ranorex?
  • Technologies supported
  • Overview of the Ranorex Studio interface
  • Overview of Ranorex general settings
  • File structure of the Ranorex solution
  • Introduction to the Applications Under Test (AUT)
  • Initial & end conditions
  • Preparing Ranorex & AUT ready for recording
  • Record settings
  • The Ranorex recorder
  • Replaying a test & the test results
  • Replay settings
  • Understanding recorded actions
  • Modifying a script to use different test data.
  • Image-based recording
  • Introduction to objects & properties/attributes
  • How Ranorex identifies objects
  • Introduction to the RanoreXPath & the Ranorex Spy
  • Benefits of the object repository
  • How to manually create object repositories & add objects
  • Best practices for maintaining object repositories
  • Using simple & rooted folders
  • How to alter attributes such as using the Index property, using regular expressions and using relative objects
  • What is synchronisation?
  • Recorded user times
  • The delay statement
  • The object repository timeout settings
  • Creating your own synchronisation points - waiting for UI elements to change
  • Inserting validation steps
  • The use of regular expressions in validation points
  • Image validation
  • How to break a script down into multiple modules representing business processes
  • Re-using Ranorex modules in other tests
  • Referencing external modules from other projects
  • How to use variables in your Ranorex script
  • How to bind data sources
  • Data-driving the object repository
  • Supported technologies & browsers
  • Ranorex web recording settings
  • Creating your first web test
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Creating multiple test cases in a single project
  • Setup & tear-down regions
  • Creating module groups
  • Executing  a test suite
  • Using the standalone test suite runner
  • The test suite executable
  • Using variables & capturing application data
  • Introduction to user code modules
  • Introduction to code modules
  • Why do we need programming capabilities?
  • Programming languages available in Ranorex
  • Example of using conditional statements
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