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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) plays a crucial role in the software development lifecycle, applicable to both internally developed systems and those acquired off the shelf, customised and integrated with other applications. Our outsourced UAT services ensure that your software meets all business and user requirements.

As business users, application owners, and subject matter experts (SMEs) are increasingly tasked with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) alongside their regular responsibilities, the importance of this phase in the software testing pyramid is emphasised. UAT testing adds a crucial layer of independence by leveraging the knowledge and experience of SMEs. However, while in-house business users are well-versed in business processes, they often lack the necessary testing expertise.

Prolifics Testing provides comprehensive UAT support to help with this problem, bringing management structure, rigour, and a consistent approach based on industry standards. Our experienced UAT management team, along with supporting members, significantly enhances the quality of UAT, especially when implementing or modifying enterprise applications, often based in the Cloud.

Acceptance Testing Support

Our acceptance testing support helps SMEs confirm that business requirements are met and ensures testing adheres to industry benchmarks. This support often involves onsite collaboration to foster better communication and teamwork. Typical activities include:

  • Establishing processes and structure
  • Conducting UAT briefings and lightweight training for business users
  • Managing and planning tests
  • Handling defect management, reporting, and triage
  • Providing regular project reports
  • Liaising with suppliers to ensure deliverables are met and timelines managed
  • Consulting on contractual terms with suppliers and managing the defect escalation and agreement process

Benefits of Using Our Service

  1. Production-Readiness Verification: Validates the software’s readiness for real-world application, ensuring it supports daily operations and is user-centric.
  2. Assured Quality & Alignment: Ensures systems meet business requirements and align with business objectives and processes.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Improves the end-user experience by ensuring applications are intuitive, responsive, and error-free.
  4. Combines Expertise: A powerful combination of testing know-how and business knowledge provides a meaningful independent view of the software's quality and its fitness for purpose.

Our managed UAT services relieve the pressure of tight schedules and reduce the testing burden on business users. This ensures a controlled and managed UAT phase, allowing business-critical systems to be confidently promoted to production environments, knowing that requirements have been met and the software fulfils its intended business needs and objectives.

Our services regularly ensure that software meets business requirements, enhances user experience, and is ready for production. We provide these services on-demand for a diverse range of customers across various industries. Contact us to alleviate your UAT burden and deliver quality software.

Helping Companies do UAT well

Alleviate some of the pressure of hectic schedules

Our team work with a wide range of organisations, often on a recurring basis to support projects run by business SME's. Prolifics Testing provide expertise, training, workshops for users and progress trackers, to make the whole process easier. We know how pressured business users are, we also know how valuable their input is. Allow us to get the best out of your vital Acceptance Testing phase.

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