AppSec is evolving from Shift-Left to Shift-Everywhere

The application security industry continues to evolve at pace as organizations recognize that software security risks need to balance with business imperatives that accelerate the speed of digital innovation. While this isn’t new, the pace of technology transformation (encompassing an explosion of APIs, microservices, IAC innovation, and cloud technology mapped to the ever-increasing demand for faster time to market) is accelerating.

Why Fortify?

Undisputed Leadership
The only AppSec solution recognized as a market leader by GartnerIDC and G2.

Proven Expertise
Two decades of empowering enterprises by delivering a holistic, inclusive, and extensible AppSec platform spanning SCASAST and DAST that supports the breadth of your portfolio. 

Passion and Pride
Great code is secure code, and helping customers achieve it runs through everything we do.

AppSec is evolving from shift-left to shift everywhere

Within this continued shift in the industry, we have condensed most of the market challenges into 4 key organizational solutions, that showcase how Fortify can address these issues.

01 | Cloud Transformation → Whether your app is fully cloud-native or just beginning to modernize, Fortify has you covered, every step of the way
02 | Securing the Software Supply Chain → Be confident in all that goes into the applications you deliver by evolving the security of your software supply chain
03 | Maturity at Scale → Make AppSec part of your organization’s fabric as you scale from one to thousands of apps with a partner you can trust
04 | DevSecOps → Give your developers the confidence to code securely with fast, frictionless security, without sacrificing quality


Prolifics Testing are a Gold OpenText partner, certified to use Fortify for our clients - either on premise or vis Fortify OnDemand on Cloud.

If you would like to see how Fortify can manage software security activities for your applications, please contact us today.


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