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Friday, 04 December 2020

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is a tool enabling end-to-end functional test automation for ERPs. Its AI capabilities help to simplify and streamline test creation, execution, and maintenance, and is able to support over 200 apps and environments, including web, SAP, mainframes, Salesforce, PDF, Java, Citrix, business applications, and more.

Our expert consultants use UFT to design test automation frameworks and deliver tests at speed. They possess extensive experience using the entire Micro Focus ADM test suite, which we accelerate using our in-house test accelerators.

We have developed numerous accelerators for Functional Testing in-house, including:

  • BA360: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Accelerator

Our specialised BA360 Accelerator was developed to accelerate the Manual Testing process with black box, white box and exploratory testing techniques.

Before BA360, the expected timescale for Manual Testing 1,500 cases was a labour-intensive 187 days; our Accelerator slashed this to just 4 days – a 98% improvement!

  • Effecta: Test Automation Accelerator

Effecta makes code-free and script-free Test Automation possible, reducing scripting time by up to 80%.

This accelerator supports a variety of web technologies and COTS applications, including SAP, Oracle e-Business Suite, Workday HCM and others.

  • Data Mining Engine Accelerator

The Data Mining Engine Accelerator uses data mining technology to fully automate test data extraction, reducing the possibility of human error.

It was created to improve the accuracy of test data extraction and management for both manual and automated testing; the tool eliminates the risk of human error by managing and extracting complex test data from large databases, making manual test data creation and maintenance a thing of the past.

We also offer three different training courses for UFT:

If you would like to see how UFT and our accelerators can work in your test environment, or about taking one of our UFT training courses, please contact us today.

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