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Testing on Demand - Public Health England

Prolifics Testing was invited to tender to become testing partner for Public Health England. Our team won the bid and the contract was awarded via the government's G-Cloud procurement framework. We provide an on-demand service for PHE, for independent functional and device compatibility testing, when needed. This allows PHE to focus on their campaigns and provides confidence that externally developed software is fit for purpose, across all platforms.

As a part of our onboarding process, we worked with PHE to identify from stats and analytics, the most popular devices, typically owned by the users of PHE's apps and target audience, as much of the testing is focused on mobile. 

Once a shortlist was drawn up, an analysis exercise was undertaken to identify the optimum list by popularity, screen size, operating system and model. 

A shortlist was then drawn up, composed mainly of Android devices - any devices not already owned were then obtained. 

A framework for operations was then drawn up, based on templates for plans, scripts and reports, to ensure consistency for the team across all projects and campaigns.

In order to make team collaboration as seamless as possible, our team was provided access to Jira and Confluence, for logging defects viewing requirements and communicating with PHE and external development teams. We attend daily standups and provide regular status reports, on completion of test cycles. The first stage to onboard our team is to request testing; at which point we provide an estimate and confirm scope in a plan. Once agreed, our team develop exploratory checklists, so that testing can be carried out consistently.

An on-demand testing service offers a flexible way of obtaining an impartial view from independent testing specialists, only when needed. Prolifics Testing have a lab and a team of testers based in our Borehamwood offices and can provide a rapid turnaround on projects. Contact us for more information.

One You - Active 10

Active 10 is a revolutionary app, designed to encourage the public to engage in 10 minutes of consistent, brisk walking each day. This is set against the number of steps logged per day, which is the most common way users measure activity. Brisk activity raises the heart rate, which is proven to be highly beneficial, even when compared against tracking thousands of steps. Prolifics Testing were proud to be involved in the testing of Active 10, which involved working closely with PHE and the development team on developing a series of tests to prove the apps - designed for both iOS and Android. The challenge for testing was around ensuring that brisk walks were logged, across a broad range of devices, and resulted in an 'Active 10', while slower walks, interrupted walks and journeys on public transport were not logged. This entailed testing on multiple devices, often simultaneously - the use of sensors and activity tracking meaning there was no option other than to use physical devices. Tests were split into a pack for a full test, after a major release, and a shorter regression pack, which could be run more quickly after minor changes and when bug fixes were implemented. Our team were able to quickly react when updates / patches were released, and stand down while development was taking place. Our team joined daily standup meetings when active, and were able to provide rapid turnaround on both major upgrades and patch releases, identifying problems before the app was released to the stores. Our team were instrumental in ensuring the apps were independently tested and working across the range of supported devices. 

One You - Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is an app, for Android and iOS that encourages users to get active and build up running distance to a 5k run, over a 9 week programme. A plan was documented, identifying the key functional areas and items to be tested with the apps. Once approved, a series of test cases were developed, to cover the functionality across a range of supported devices. This version was a complete rewrite of a previous version, which had attracted some bad feedback, so a key area of focus was to review feedback from the app stores and incorporate checks for these items into our tests. There were 4 trainers to choose from, with different audio messaging on each run, across the 9 week programme. Integration with a range of mobile music services also needed to be included in the testing, as well as native Apple and Android - so we obtained a good range streaming services on each device to be tested. In order to balance test coverage with devices under test and music service, a matrix of tests was constructed against these factors, so that complete coverage of each trainer was being obtained, across the range of platforms in the most efficient way. The nature of the app meant that physical devices were needed, which were tested by the team and results provided at the end of each cycle. We worked closely with the PHE team and the external agency delivering the software, re-testing defects as they were fixed and performing regression tests before launch or implementation of patches.

Prolifics Testing provide PHE with a flexible, cost-effective service that can be activated only when needed. Consistency is maintained, with tests carried out by the same team of permanent test specialists, from our Borehamwood offices.

Other campaigns we have provided testing services for include: How Are You, Heart Age, Stoptober and Days Off.

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