IBM Sterling OMS Test Automation

Through our parent organisation, Prolifics, we are a certified IBM Platinum Business partner with over 30 years’ experience delivering value to IBM customers.

Prolifics has brought together a comprehensive Sterling OMS API test automation suite of internally developed IP that allows our testers to accelerate the development, maintenance, consistency, and reporting for both automated and functional testing. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in these areas.

Using the APIs exposed by IBM for Sterling OMS, our test suite covers the following business processes:

  • Order creation
  • Order amendments
  • Order fulfillment
  • Appeasements
  • Order search
  • Product browsing
  • COV
  • Return / replacement
  • Warehouse management
  • Email notifications
  • Alerts management

This test suite is of tremendous value to companies currently using Sterling OMS. Prolifics’ assurance for its test suite users is as follows:

  • 70% reduction in testing costs
  • No scripting costs
  • No script maintenance costs
  • No test suite configuration costs
  • AI & ML engines for analytics
  • Simple & intuitive to use
  • Easily scalable

The following diagram represents the E2E Order Flow automated by Prolifics:

Why us?

Prolifics’ Sterling OMS test automation suite is built around the principles of reusability, portability and extensibility:

  • Robust, flexible, and extensible framework - supports test automation on diverse sets of API response, and provides validation across different sets of data
  • Reduces the time and costs to design API validations
  • More flexibility to manage test data and End Point API URL’s
  • Test API scripts are separated from the input data store, so only the input request gets manipulated using XML objects and Excel data. No modification is needed for the test scripts
  • Libraries, utilities and functions that can be reused multiple times, saving time for the entire organisation
  • Consolidated Execution reports are generated for each validation
  • Well-handled script exceptions are implemented to find script / configuration / Test Data failures
  • Integrates with different configuration managements systems
  • Detailed test execution report in HTML format
  • Jenkins for scheduling and execution. Supports testing in CI / CD model

Delivery process

Prolifics is responsible for configuring the following in each client’s environment for successful installation and use of the automation suite: Test classes, Properties, Templates, API objects, and Data.

Once the suite is set up and configured for the customer, resources can then be put into maintaining and updating the suite for continued high performance.

Find out more

Contact us for a no-obligation chat about how we can support your IBM Sterling OMS with test automation.

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