Test Automation Services

Maximise efficiency in software testing with our test automation service.

Our UK-led team significantly reduces cost and time for testing - enhancing delivery speed and quality. Utilising pre-built frameworks with enterprise and open-source tools, we ensure robust, cost-effective test automation for major applications, websites and mobile apps.

Turn to our test automation service to:

  • Improve software application quality and increase delivery speed

  • Achieve higher confidence at a reduced cost

  • Reduce test cycles from days to hours

  • Expertise across open-source and enterprise testing tools
  • In-house accelerators for rapid test automation deployment

  • Pre-built frameworks tailored for major enterprise applications

  • Diverse project needs met with custom tool selection

  • Integration of tests with DevOps pipelines, test management tools


Test Automation approach in conjunction with our proprietary accelerators has helped our clients with:

Test Execution Time

Reduction by


Release Cycle Time

Reduction by


Overall Testing Costs

Savings by


Our Service Benefits

Efficiency and Speed

Reduce testing cycles from days to hours, enabling faster delivery and time-to-market

Quality Improvement

Improve software application quality, increasing reliability and user satisfaction

Cost Savings

Achieve higher efficiency at significantly reduced costs, optimising resource allocation and IT spending


Our services cater to both short-term and long-term projects, adaptable to evolving business needs

Our Test Automation Services:

Automation as a Service - We offer cost-effective project support and long-term managed services, helping our customers make the jump to modern test automation

Tool Selection and Proof of Concept - We excel in both open-source and market-leading enterprise tools, partnering with OpenText (MicroFocus) for UFT and Tricentis for Tosca ensuring the ROI and implementation goals are achievable and a good fit.


Continuous Automation - Access our expertise in DevOps, Performance, and Security to enhance your delivery ecosystem with seamless test automation.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Automation Delivery - We provide skilled consultants for your Agile teams, offering onsite, offsite, and offshore or blended test automation services for web, mobile, desktop, and API.

Quality Fusion:

Quality Fusion is our internally developed test automation platform, delivered by our Innovation Centre, based on years of experience working on projects. It is our containerised AI-powered automation engine for web and mobile applications which is code-free, low maintenance, and integrates into CI/CD delivery pipelines. 
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Our Methodology


  • Automation scope definition
  • Tool selection
  • Framework implementation
  • Test script development
  • Test run and result analysis
  • Automated test support and monitoring

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Tool Expertise:

Extensive experience with open-source and enterprise toolsets, including OpenText UFT and Tricentis Tosca.

Customised Solutions:

Tailored automation services using pre-built frameworks and accelerators for leading applications such as SAP, Workday, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, and others.

Hybrid Delivery Model:

Combining UK management with expert support from our Hyderabad delivery centre for optimal results.

Continuous Support:

Ongoing management of automation solutions, ensuring they evolve with application changes.

Platform Expertise

Tool Expertise

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