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Performance Engineering enables Performance Testing to be run as a part of Continuous Deployment and DevOps models.

This requires tests to be developed early and maintained in line with code drops from development but allows regular tests to be run automatically in a similar way to how automated Functional Tests are often run at the Unit and System levels.

Implementing a Performance Engineering framework

Using reliable and tested methods, together with the latest tools, our Consultants design and implement integrated Performance Testing into your development process that evolves with applications, allowing development teams better, earlier visibility of potential performance problems identifying and fixing issues at source.

A baseline of application performance is used to compare the results from each iteration of tests, so the adherence to non-functional requirements and Service Level Agreements can be measured during development against anticipated user volumes.

This approach fits in well with Agile practices and helps ensure good performance is built into applications from the ground up.

Delivery Models

Our delivery models for Performance Engineering include a combination of onsite consulting and offsite delivery. The service includes handover, full training and ongoing support to suit your needs, balancing cost restrictions with offshore capabilities.

For longer term management, our team provide a fully supported consultancy where test suites are maintained as applications are developed, running regular remote tests that are triggered by code deployments, with results provided automatically.

Our specialist team has experience designing and implementing Performance Engineering for customers in a range of different industries.

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