Test Data Challenges:

Test data can be challenging for organisations running testing projects. Challenges include;

  • Insufficient and inconsistent data
  • Low data quality
  • Privacy issues surrounding the use of production data
  • Significant amounts of effort needed to generate or anonymise data

Our Solution:

Prolifics frequently see these problems on projects and saw a gap in the market, so have invested in developing our own AI enabled Test Data Management tool, TiDiuM.

TiDiuM has been developed by our Innovation Centre and is tried and tested across a multitude of projects. Key features include:

  • Centralised Test Data Management
  • Synthetic Data Generation – based on AI algorithms
  • Automated Data Extraction and Loading
  • Masking of Sensitive Data (PII)
  • AI based Automated Data Classification

The stand-out features of TiDiuM include its ability to generate large quantities of synthetic data, but also to obfuscate existing data. Its user interface allows tables and columns to be selected, allowing full or partial data to be selected and manipulated, without affecting referential integrity.

TiDiuM integrates with a range of CI/CD tools and has extensive support for a range of database formats. Our professional services team is able to quickly provide meaningful and rapid solutions around test data. Our tooling was born from supporting our testing programmes but we are now proud to offer it to our customers, for their own use.

If you would like to see how TiDiuM can take control of Test Data Management on your project, please contact us today.

The next step

Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about Test Data Management for your organisation.

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