Test Automation for Salesforce

Migrating to or enhancing Salesforce applications presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. As businesses strive to keep up with the digital curve, the agility and robustness of their CRM systems become non-negotiable. Here's where the prowess of automated testing, especially in the Salesforce ecosystem, becomes a game-changer. Prolifics Testing, with its deep-rooted expertise in quality engineering, stands at the forefront of navigating businesses through these complex waters, ensuring seamless transitions and upgrades.

The Heart of Salesforce Test Automation

The Why and The What

Salesforce, with its trifecta of updates, customisation, and ecosystem complexity, demands a nuanced approach to testing. Conventional manual testing, albeit foundational, falls short in addressing the dynamism and scale of Salesforce applications. Enter test automation – a strategy that not only enhances test coverage and accuracy but also brings in efficiency and significant cost savings. 

Prolifics Testing have a wealth of experience and a toolkit including state-of-the-art accelerators and partnerships with industry leaders OpenText (Micro Focus) and Tricentis. Our approach is not just about automating what you have but reimagining the test landscape to be more resilient, agile and aligned with your business objectives. 

Tackling Salesforce's Unique Challenges

Salesforce's allure lies in its flexibility and the sheer breadth of functionality it offers. However, these very features introduce complexity in automation. From the shadow DOM's intricacies and the quirks of dynamic elements to the periodic Salesforce updates, the path to effective test automation is fraught with challenges. Prolifics Testing leverage our domain knowledge and custom accelerators to navigate these hurdles, ensuring your Salesforce applications are tested thoroughly and efficiently. 

Strategic Test Automation with Prolifics Testing

Unit to Regression Testing: Our teams specialise in the entire spectrum of Salesforce testing – from unit to regression. Leveraging tools and frameworks best suited for Salesforce, we ensure comprehensive coverage, from APEX code testing to end-to-end business process verification. 

Aligning with DevOps: In today's fast-paced development environments, integrating testing into the CI/CD pipeline is crucial. Prolifics Testing aligns Salesforce testing with your DevOps strategies, ensuring quick feedback loops and continuous quality improvement. 

No-code/Low-code Empowerment: Recognising the power of Salesforce's no-code/low-code capabilities, we advocate for testing approaches that empower both IT and business users. Our solutions foster collaboration, enabling faster and more effective testing cycles. 

End-to-End Testing Simplified: Our expertise extends beyond Salesforce to encompass the myriad integrations and processes it interacts with. By employing modular test design and advanced test data management tools, we address the challenges of end-to-end testing, ensuring a seamless user experience across all touchpoints.


The journey to mastering Salesforce test automation is laden with specific challenges that demand specialised solutions. Prolifics Testing, with its extensive experience, innovative accelerators, and strategic partnerships, is uniquely positioned to guide your business through this journey. From enhancing test coverage and accuracy to saving time and costs, our approach is tailored to harness the full potential of Salesforce automation, aligning with your business's pace and innovation needs. 


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