Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Struggling to keep up with SAP system upgrades at the database layer? Thinking of migrating to S/4HANA? Looking for a managed service for testing?

This April, Faz Ahmad will be hosting an exciting virtual webinar with senior IT professionals currently using SAP systems.

Some of the topics we hope to focus on are:

  • The business benefits of test automation
  • The importance of testing during application modernizations
  • How our Effecta tool helps to accelerate testing specifically for SAP

Test Automation

When implementing changes to your SAP platforms, there can be no doubt that testing is essential to mitigate risk. However, manual performance or functional testing can often take a long time, and take up valuable resources in the process.

This is where test automation comes in. When performed correctly, test automation can help to:

  • Increase frequency and reduce cycle time for test execution and remediation without sacrificing test coverage
  • Test across complex hybrid environments (SAP, legacy applications, web and mobile, etc.)
  • Create, execute, and report on the massive number of test cases required to fully ensure solutions

How we can help

At Prolifics Testing, we leverage our unique test automation accelerator, Effecta, to automate the validation of data, business processes, custom development, and integration across multiple applications. It helps our clients move beyond automated regression testing across all variants of SAP, such as ECC, SCM, BW, CRM, SRM and S/4HANA.

Best of all, we offer clients access to Effecta free of charge alongside our testing services.

Our process

During the webinar, we will be demonstrating the stages in our Test Automation process for SAP, including:

  • Test Planning and Preparation
    • We use our BA360 accelerator, developed to accelerate the Manual Functional Testing process, for project planning, test case preparation, and ML-based test case generation.
  • Test Automation
    • We then use Effecta for scriptless automation with Micro Focus UFT. Linkage with ALM is facilitated to fetch test cases and update test results.
    • As a Micro Focus Gold Partner, our consultants are experts at accelerating UFT to design test automation frameworks and deliver comprehensive tests at speed. We are also able to offer our clients discounted licenses for UFT, ALM, and many more of the tools comprising the ADM suite.
  • Test Execution (Automated)
    • Reusable validation components for fast and efficient executions, and automated impact analysis of SAP test cases based on the changes
    • Test automation scripts can be integrated to Effecta; for example, once you trigger a sales order test automation script, Effecta will automatically take care of result validation
  • Test Data
    • Automated test data management, certification and update. DME for automated test data extraction

Effecta for Impact Analysis

We have recently readied our Effecta accelerator for Impact Analysis, a feature specifically designed for use with SAP systems.

During the conference, we will demonstrate how Effecta is now able to display the objects involved in each transport request, along with impacted test case details such as ‘test case name’, ‘test case automation status’, test conditions, and languages impacted. Once our consultants have the list of test cases that are impacted, they work to execute specific sets of test cases to validate the system behaviour.

Join us virtually

The virtual roundtable is being held from 14:00 to 15:00 on Tuesday 27th April. It's aimed at senior IT leaders who want to learn more about how they can level up their test automation efforts for SAP.

To sign up to attend the event, please follow the link below.

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