VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE: The Role of Testing within Successful Digital Transformations

Tuesday, 01 December 2020

On February 4, we will be partnering with the Business Transformation Network (BTN) to deliver an exclusive virtual roundtable with senior technology leaders.

The event will be a chance to engage and network with like-minded individuals, and discuss:

  • How to deliver faster and more frequently while maintaining quality
  • How to transform your QA team into a world-class QE team
  • How COVID-19 has shown the value of offshore delivery


Digital transformations necessarily involve the introduction of risk. Mitigating that risk, however, is of the utmost importance. A reliable testing service can make the difference between a QA team that struggles to cope with a dramatically increased workload, and a quick-delivery, high-quality QE team that is agile and responsive.

At Prolifics Testing, we provide Managed Services for all aspects of digital testing, ensuring that customers respond favourably to new web-based self-service applications. Our services range from Accessibility Testing to Performance Testing, supported by a test lab of physical devices to test apps on multiple devices, OSs and browsers.

How to deliver faster and more frequently while maintaining quality

In Micro Focus’ annual World Quality Report, they found that when asking respondents to rate factors in terms of the impact made on increasing the company QA and testing budget, ‘Increased amount of developments and releases’ rated the highest.

Such problems are occasioned by the rapid rate at which agile and DevOps methodologies are currently being adopted across the business world. While this is obviously a positive thing, as it allows developers and testers to work together throughout the lifecycle, there is increased pressure on testers, and less time to test!

Our solution to this is Test Automation – in particular, Quality Fusion (QF), our free platform that integrates Functional, Performance and Security Testing into the CI / CD pipeline. Containerised and cloud-based, it allows users to spin up environments at will. In fact, Quality Fusion enables you to spin multiple containers to run parallel test execution of 300 API and 500 UI scripts in just 10 minutes.

How to transform your QA team into a world-class QE team

Moving from QA to QE involves a focus on agile and Shift Left methodologies, as well as increasing levels of automation. The role of manual testers is gradually being overtaken.

As a first step, we offer a short, sharp QE Health Check, where over the course of five days we assess where testing currently sits within your organisation, where you envisage it sitting in the future, and then produce a strategic roadmap of recommendations for the short, medium, and long term.

In order to help you upskill your team into Quality Engineers, we also provide nearly 30 training courses, designed in-house to equip attendees with deep knowledge of tools and methodologies.

How COVID-19 has shown the value of offshore delivery

What COVID-19 has proven is that organisations who thought their IT projects undeliverable remotely were misguided.

Prolifics Testing has a unique approach to Offshore Testing. Our proven processes developed over 20 years of experience means that we can offshore small, one-off projects for Website and Mobile App Testing, or multi-year test outsourcing agreements. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver flexible commercial models such as fixed price, payment by results, and outcome-based pricing.

As a mark of our quality, we have been providing offshore test services to McKesson for over twenty years, and VMware for the past ten.

Find out more and join us virtually

The virtual roundtable is being held from 16:00 to 17:30 on Wednesday 4th November. It's aimed at senior IT leaders who want to learn more about how they can level up their testing to support their digital transformation efforts.

To receive more information about the event nearer the time, please sign-up here.

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