Thursday, 20 August 2020

Ever wonder when and where to start infusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into your overall Ops plan?

Better yet, how do you integrate the multiple clouds where your applications live? What about regulating all those moving pieces? It can be overwhelming!

Experts from across Prolifics came together to discuss the individual puzzle pieces, and how your overall business functionality can improve when you begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Test Automation within DevOps

The conversation takes you on the DevOps journey, from its roots in Lean and Agile, to its role in Automation and today's new normal. And unlike other DevOps stories, this one has a twist...and a rubber chicken!

Our Test Automation expert, Faz Ahmad, talk about how AI and ML is being used within Software Testing to support DevOps.

Watch the recording now!

Innovation Sandbox

This is part of the Innovation Sandbox series from Prolifics, which invites you learn from leaders in big data, application modernisation, AI and Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, Test Automation and more.

View the full series on the Prolifics TV YouTube Channel.

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