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Thursday, 02 April 2020

As everyone gets used to dealing with new ways of working around the impact of COVID 19, whether it is managing team members working from home or dealing with challenges of how to keep projects on track, let Prolifics Testing support your projects through some of the services we can provide through our team of UK and Indian offshore Testers.

We have set up the infrastructure and processes to successfully support your projects in:

  • Offsite Manual Functional Testing: All our Manual Testing Team members have been set up with full remote working capabilities, including high speed broadband internet, Video Conferencing facilities, Slack and company mobiles to ensure they can be fully productive to successfully deliver your project, whether it is providing simple resources on-demand (working as part of your remote test team) through to providing an outsourced/fully managed testing service on your project
  • Offsite Performance Testing: We can undertake Performance Testing of any Web-based application remotely, create scripts, spin-up Load Injectors in the Cloud, generate reports and publish them to all stakeholders. Alternatively, give us access to your on-prem Test Environment to undertake Performance Testing of your application, all done remotely
  • Offsite Compatibility Testing: Our Digital Test team have an inventory of actual devices, as well as in the cloud and emulators, to undertake Mobile and Web Testing across a range of device/OS/browser configurations
  • Offsite Test Automation: All we need is access to your Test Environment and our UK-based team or Offshore Automation Centre of Excellence can deliver Test Automation on time and on budget. We offer a Free Test Automation Proof of Concept exercise for your next project.

If you feel your project could benefit from the support of a Testing Specialist with the infrastructure to deliver successfully whilst working remotely and can offer Fixed Price or Payment By Delivery models in this time of uncertainty, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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