SITS Performance Testing: Our Proven Methodology

Thursday, 27 October 2022

Amongst numerous other sectors, Prolifics Testing is especially acclaimed for its major transformation within the Higher Education sector.  We have worked and continue to be the preferred testing supplier of over 20 universities in the UK, as well as institutions further afield in Singapore and Australia.

Quite often we are asked; what is the best approach for testing SITS and, while this can vary depending on business risk, on average, there are 5 core user journeys.  Of course, these being reliant on the student facing activity on the web frontend, e:Vision.

  • Clearing

Landing pages, searching for courses, self-application.

  • Enrolment

Entry of personal information, course confirmation and fees acceptance.

  • Module Selection

Selection of diet for the allocated course based on modules available: login, complete selection of modules for the academic year as well as the enrolled course, and final submission.

  • Exam Timetabling

Viewing allocated exam timetables: login and viewing exam schedule.

  • View Results

Student exam results: login and viewing module results.

To know the interface activities most at risk is vital as they will interrupt the functioning flow of universities.  The above five are of top concern, although there can be more. Then, once we’ve checked the scope is clear, we take on volumes and timings.  This ensures that the tests we run are accurate and embodying of unexpected real-world conditions.

The way we carry this through to excellence is by firstly ascertaining how many times each user journey would be expected to run on a peak day, and then a peak hour.  The number of students an institution has is often where we begin.  We can, however, then look at the typical expected volume behind each activity to improve accuracy.

With our experience ranging so widely, concerning university sizes, we confidently offer accurate guidance on the numbers, volumes, and concurrent users that would give our clients the most realistic tests.

It may always be a challenge to set up the right data and records in the correct state and in sufficient numbers in SITS when performance testing Student Records Systems (a more extensive future blog post coming soon).  Luckily, Prolifics Testing is here to make the job easier.

One can rest assured our load injectors are based in the Cloud, powered by JMeter and always ready to go.  In terms of test execution, a real-time dashboard is made available where user load and transaction response times can be viewed by the project team—all whilst tests are in progress.  Providing this assurance, ensures Prolifics Testing not only identifies but troubleshoots all bottlenecks as quickly as possible.  If you need SITS performance testing, you can depend on us to deliver with quality.  So don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our SITS testing experts to learn more about how our services can benefit your university and engage us for a free Proof of Concept exercise.

Faz Ahmad - Business Development Manager
Prolifics Testing

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