Pradeep, Senior Performance Manager and an aviation enthusiast!

Tuesday, 06 June 2023

Area of Expertise

Pradeep is an accomplished Senior Performance Manager specialising in Performance Engineering. Performance Testing plays a pivotal role in software development as it aims to identify performance-related issues in applications. Its purpose is to ensure that software functions optimally, handling multiple users and loads while maintaining a seamless user experience.

As a senior manager, Pradeep excels in client engagement, understanding requirements, and mapping tests to areas of risk, to demonstrate the software's capabilities. He maintains constant communication with clients, keeping them updated on progress and deliverables. Pradeep's exceptional leadership skills shine through as he engages his team in scripting, test strategy, and test planning, ensuring an efficient testing process.

Software Testing and Career Expertise

Pradeep's professional journey has been both enriching and unexpected. What initially began as a brief visit to the UK turned into almost a decade-long association with Prolifics Testing. Although he initially had a background in Hardware Networking, he found his true calling as a Performance Tester. Seizing the opportunity, he immersed himself in the technical intricacies of Performance Testing, acquiring roughly two years' worth of knowledge within a remarkable six-month period.

Pradeep then gained extensive experience in various sectors, such as healthcare, retail, and logistics, during his four-year tenure with Deloitte, one of Prolifics Testing's long-standing clients. Eventually, he returned to Prolifics Testing to assume the role of a Performance Test Manager. Pradeep firmly believes in the notion that everything happens for a reason.

At Prolifics Testing, he has led and contributed to numerous projects, relishing the challenge of cracking complex problems. When confronted with a challenge, he goes above and beyond to provide innovative solutions. His passion and experience enable him to precisely visualize and understand the client's requirements.

Pradeep consistently motivates his team to look beyond the surface and explore the underlying factors that contribute to the final product. He firmly believes that there is always a way to achieve goals and never outright tells clients that something is impossible. Embracing Richard Branson's principle of never saying "no," Pradeep instils the same value in his team. Even when lacking expertise in a particular area, he willingly takes on projects, identifies the right resources, and delivers exceptional results. Pradeep's approach is rooted in a commitment to avoiding overpromising and underdelivering, always striving to exceed expectations.

Life beyond Testing

While Pradeep's professional passion is evident, he also harbours a deep interest in aviation. With approximately 5000 pictures of airport runways on his phone and an undeniable fascination with Heathrow Airport, he displays a genuine intrigue for the subject.

Additionally, he enjoys exploring picturesque villages, with Bibury and Castle Combe in the Cotswolds being among his favourites. Tom Hanks movies, particularly "The Terminal" and "Sully," captivate him. Pradeep also finds solace in long walks, driving, and maintaining an impeccably clean sink, reflecting his dedication to organization and orderliness in various aspects of his life. Gardening, DIY projects, and meticulous attention to detail are among his other passions.

Advice to the Future Generation of Testers

Pradeep imparts valuable advice to the future generation of testers, emphasising the importance of dedication and attention to detail, essential qualities in a tester. Contrary to common misconceptions, testing is far from easy. Testers must possess not only the technical skills to test software applications but also the ability to fulfil various roles within the testing world and think outside the box to provide innovative solutions. Additionally, a tester must exhibit a keenness to continuously learn and stay informed about industry developments and advancements.


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