Working remotely with a laptop, mobile, paper diary and cup of coffee

Friday, 13 March 2020

In this time of uncertainty around Covid 19/Corona virus, it is important to manage the impact of ever-growing numbers of employees working from home.

To ensure workers can access your systems remotely through your current Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and remain productive, it is imperative to test if your infrastructure can support large, unprecedented numbers of remote users accessing your systems.

Through our managed Performance Testing services, we can rapidly and cost effectively:

• Check if your infrastructure can support large numbers of remote users
• Measure end user response times to ensure they can work productively once connected
• Identify the maximum capacity of your current VDI setup

We've received several requests recently about Performance Testing as companies look to mitigate their risk and remove uncertainty about their infrastructure capacity.

Please contact us for more information about keeping your employees productive and to book an early consultation with our Performance Testing consultants.

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