Prolifics Testing has helped our clients through this economical hardship by executing Performance Testing to access the impact severity, as well as alleviate the risk of a crash from the unexpected load on infrastructure or application.


November is a key shopping month for retailers preparing for the Black Friday sale event. A new client requested a load and stress test be conducted for their eCommerce site, as their website had previously experienced a crash in 2020 due to the sudden increase in load. To avoid a similar experience, our team of consultants improved the performance optimisation and tested the upgraded version of the eCommerce site. To ensure a smooth user experience before the go-live.

Our role

Our team of consultants understood the criticality of the client’s requirements, therefore a JMeter framework was prepared and utilised to carry out the necessary tests. This provided our client with the confidence and assurance the upgraded site could handle the expected load.


A key problem was flagged up during the load and stress test, the loading time on the site was slow and unresponsive for most users trying to access the sale page on the eCommerce site. To target the problem, a virtual queue was implemented to avoid a site crash.


On the first day of the Black Friday sale, the site saw a sharp increase in the number of users as soon as the event started. Thanks to the efforts of our consultants, the site did not crash and was able to withstand the heavy user load. As expected, users were moved to a virtual queue if the eCommerce site was reaching capacity. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience for users who are already inside the site.

Overall, our testing services enhanced the efficiency of the site and protected the business for the client.

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